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A regular meet i ng of t he Traff ic and Transportation Connn i ss ion of the City of
Atlanta was held i n the Al derman i c Chamb er of the City Hall ,on Monday, February 27,
1967 , at 2 ~00 p.m. The fo llowi ng members were present~
Mr .
Mr .
Mr o
George Goodwi n, Cha i rman
Ja ck Eo Crowde r, Vice Chairman
Robe rt F. Adamson
Gra dy Ao Lee
Pe t er J o Stell i ng
John Ro Wi lson , Jr .
Absent ~
Mro Charles C. Math i as
Also present were Ci.t y Tr aff i c Eng i ne er Kar l Ao Bevins ; Mr . Edmu nd W. Hughes ,
Managing Director ~ and Mr o P o Andrew Spr ' nger 9 Sa fety Engineer, The Atlant a
Traffic and Sa f ety Coun c i l ; Sergean t Mi cha e l Edwards , Atlanta Pol i ce De partment ;
Mr. John Gers on , Atlant a Trans i t Sys t em, I nc. , Alderman Jack Sunnners, Chairman,
Traffic , Parking and Tr a ns i t Commi ttee o
The mee t ing was called t o order by t he Cha irmano In his opening remarks ,
Mr . Goodwi n said t ha t ~ due t o t h e l a rge numbe r of cit izens pres ent , the entire
a f ternoon would be g ive n to he a r ing from t he publ i c and t hat an EXECUTIVE SESSION
would be he l d la t e r i n t he we ek.
Mr o Goodwi n ask e d Mr . Bev ins t o read t he l i s t of t h e var i ous i tems for
c ons i de r a ti on . Mr. Bev · ns e x p laine d tha t~ a t the r e gular meeting of the
Tr a ff ic , Park i ng and Tra nsi t Comm ~t tee of t he Boa r d of Alde rmen on Februa ry 8,
196 7, the City Traf fic. Eng i nee r h&d re c omme nde d and r e ques te d approva l of the
follow i ng e
ONE WAY S tre e t s .
Pea ch t ree St·re e t nor t hb ound f r om Bak er St reet t o 19 t h St r eet.
We s t Pea ~h t re e St r eet s ou t b ound f r om 19th Stre et to Baker St re e t .
r e s cen t Ave nue sou thbou nd f rom 14th Stree t t o Peach t ree P laceo
Por te r P l ace ea s t b ound from We s t Peac h tree Str e et t o Pea chtree Street.
Al exan de r St r e e t wes tb oun d from Pea chtree St r eet t o We st Pea cht re e
St reet .
6 . Fourte e nth Stre e t westbound from P i edmont Avenue to Howell Mi ll Road .
7. Ten th Stree t east b ound f r om Br a dy Ave nue t o Char l es Alle n Drive.
8 . State S t reet s ou t hbou nd fr om 14t h St r,e e t to Hemphi ll Avenue .
9 o Atl anti c Dri v e nor th boun d f rom Hemphi.1 1 Av enue to 14th Stree to
�Minutes of J he Traff ic a nd Transportation Corrnn i s sion Meet ing, February 27, 1967 ;
page 2
Jun i per Street == east s ide , · from 12th Stree t t o Ponce de Leon Avenue.
Piedmont Avenue == e as t s "de p from 3 d Street to 12th Stree t o
P i edmont Avenue ==we s t s i de, f r om 14th St r eet to 13 t h Street.
Fou rt eenth Stree t == south s i de , fr om P i edmont Av enue to Norths ide
Driv e .
Four teenth S :reet == nor t h s 9 from 200 fee t: west of Peachtree Street
to Norths i de Drive.
Tenth Stre et= =nor t h s :' de 9 fr om Brady Avenue t o Myrt le Street.
Peachtree Stree == ea st si de 9 fr om 12t h Stree t to 14th Street.
As a substi t u t e for the City Tr affic Eng i neer ' s re c orrnnendations outl i ned .
above , the Tra ff ic , Park :ng a n d Trans i t Corrnni tt ee ha d re c ommended with the
concurrence of t he Ci ty Tr aff i Eng ine er · he fol l owing :
That bot h s i des of Ten th Street from Howel l Mi ll Road to Piedmont
Avenue be ma de NO PARKING ANY TlME.
That b oth s :' de of four t e enth St re et fr om Pea chtree Street to Howell
Mi ll Road be made NO PARKING ANY TIME.
Tha t both s i des of Spring S reet 9 N.W. 9 from Fif t h S tree t to Peacht ree Street be made NO PARKI NG ANY TlME.
That both s i des of West Peacht ree St e e t fr om t he interse c tion of
We st Pea chtree S reet 9 Pea ch t re e St reet, and Bake r Street north to
the i ntersec tion of West Pea chtree Street 9 Pea ch tre e Street , and
Ni neteenth St reet be made NO PARKI NG ANY TIME.
That bo th s i de s of Peach t ree Stree t from Bake r Stree t t o Fourt eenth
Street be made NO PARKING ANY TIME .
That the west s i de f P i edmont Avenue, N. E . , r om Fourt eenth Street
t o Th ir teenth St r eet be made NO PARKING ANY TIME.
That the F.' a s t side of P1.edmon Avenue 9 N.E., from Thir d St reet t o
Twelfth Stree t be made NO PARKI N ANY TI ME.
That the east s i de of Ju n i.per S tree ts N. E. 9 fr om Twelfth S treet to
Ponce de Leon Avenue be made NO PARK I NG ANY TI ME.
That wes bound t ra f f ic on Te nt h St reet 9 N.W., be pr ohib ited from
mak i ng a lef t t urn int o t he sou t hbound on~ ramp of the North Freeway.
Tha t eas t bound r a ffic on Tenth St re et, N .w. , be prohibited from
making a l eft t ll rn inco the northbound on= r amp of the North Freeway.
11 .
That ea s tb ound traff i c on Tenth Street 9 N.W. 9 be proh i b it ed from
ma k ing a l eft u rn i nto Wi ll iams Street .
�Minutes of tt_ie Traff ic and Transport&t:10
page 3
Commis s ion Meeting ; Febr uary 27, 1967 ;
Tha t westbound traffic on Four t eenth St re e t , N.W., be prohibited
fr om making a left t u rn into the southb ound on- ramp of the North
Freeway o
13 .
That eastbound t r aff i c on Fourteenth St r e et , N.W., be proh i bited
from making a l eft turn i nto the northbound on- ramp of the North
Tha t eastbound raff ic on Fourt Stre et, N .w. 9 be proh i bited
from mak ing a left turn i nt o Wi. 11 iams Street.
That westbound traf f° c on Nor .h Avenue? N . Wo, be prohibited from
making a l eft t urn t he sou t hbound on= ramp of the North Freeway.
That westbound t r af fi on North Avenue 9 N.W.
mak i ng a left tur in o W .11:· ams Street.
That eastboun d traffic on Nort h Avenue ? NoWo 9 be prohibited from
mak i ng a le ft t ur n i nto t he northbound on=ramp of the Nor t h
be prohibited from
Mr. Bevins said tha t t he Traffic Eng inee r i ng De par t ment i s, of c ourse,
willing to se e t he compl et e e l ~mina tion of a ll park i ng on the aforementioned
streets ( as l i s te d in t he subs titut e pr opos a l ) plu s some NO LEFT TURN regula tions given a tr i al. He sa id fur · her, "Howeve r, we are convinced that these
mea sures will no t gi ve su ff 1.c · en t traffic. i mpr v ement to j us ti fy the i nconvenience and the problems c reatedo The pro posed ONE WAY operation of the
four =s treet c omb i na tion ( Pea chtree S tree t=-West Peachtree Street and Tenth
Street == Fourtee nt h S tre et ) i s , i n our judgment 9 t he mos t sensib le a n d sat isfactory answer availabl e today to increase t he craf fic carry ing ca pa ci ty
of streets i n th i s part of he c · t y a nd to clear up re c ogni ze d existing
se ri ou s traffic congestio _ problems. ONE WAY opera tion of these particular
s tre ets solve s more problems and yields g eater t r aff ic carrying capacity
than would any oth er street s i the area~ In addit i on, ONE WAY operation
of these streets fit s with the ot her exis t ing ONE WAY stree t s in the area
and fs ets the s tage ' for additiona l ONE WAY streets a n d /or reve rsible lane
streets a s neededo Operati ng these street s ONE WAY offe r s a s ubs tan tial
( 20% t o 30% i ncrease i_n apa c ity over two =way opera tion on these four
s treet s with added s ubs tantial in reas es on sev e ra l a d jacent s t reets. In
add ition ( and of equa l i mpor tance), r::he ONE WAY operation of t hese stree.ts
would pe nnit us to ' clear up' ten or t welve congested intersections by
e l iminating unsatisfa tory three =phase operation and c hanging to s i mpl e
t wo=phase operation. All of t hese benefits ould be rea lize d with ONE WAY
operation and the re l atively minor additi ona parking restrictions l i s ted. "
Al derman G. Everett Millican reque.sted explanat ion of the proposed NO LEFT
TURN restri ct ionso I n explaini ng the proposed change , the C.i.ty Traffic
Engineer said tha , 1n h i s opin ' on~ the proposal was a rather poor sub =
stitute for ONE WAY oper ation of the streets~ but that NO LEFT TURN re str i c =
tions would c lear up the c ongest ion at ertain points to where it was reasonable . Mr . Bevins s ai., "We either go to ONE WAY street or NO PARKING and
�Mi nutes of the Traffic a nd Transporta t i on. Connni ss i on Meet i ng ; February 27 9 1967 ;
page 4
NO LEFT WRN restrictions or s ay tha
the r e i s n ot h i ng tha t can be done . 11
Mr . w. E . Cl ark, 1107 Peachtree Street, sa id tha t he was concerned about
"how people wou ld get out o f At l ant a" f t he proposed NO LEFT WRN restric=
tions were i ns t alled .
Aldennan George Cotsakis r e ue s t ed fur the r explanat i on of the proposed park=
ing bans . Mr . Bevi ns ment "on ed t hat , at a previous he.aring on the ONE WAY
stree t proposal s, re s i dent s and b s inessmen of the streets under considera t i on repea ted ly sa i D i n effe c t , "Don' t make my st re et one way. Take the
parking offo 11
The pro pos a l that bo t h s i des of Peach · ree St eet fr om Baker Street to four.=
teenth S t reet be made NO PARK NG ANY TI ME c ame u nder discu ssion, with Mr. Edgar
Gay, Gay Me n's Shops , 100 4 Pe a chtree Stree 9 N.E., and spokesma n for the Tenth
S t ree t Bus i nes s Ass ociation, giv1r:g c onsiderable ba ckground i nformation regard~
ing the a r ea and saying t ha t ne bus ines smen could foresee heav y financial
losses if NO PARKI NG ANY TIME were i ns t alled. He s tressed the point that,
at this t ~ no add i. i onal off=street pa rk i ng was availab le. He also said
that a traffic c ongest ion prob lem exi sted in t he Te nth St ree t a r ea onl y
dur ing peak rush hou r s.
Mr. Char le s W. Bergman, Attorney~ re p resenting pro per ty owners and resident s
in the a r ea o f t he i n· e rse tion of J u n i per Street and Tenth Stree t , said
that t he property owner s woul d be avers ely a ff e t ed by the installation of
NO PARKING be caus e pr e sent tenant s would leave a n d be cause it would be d ifficu l t 1 if not impossibl e, to get new te nant s . Mr. Be rgman s aid that, if the
City removed park i ng n t he sou t h side of Te nt h S treet , it would be more or
l e ss tak i ng the prope rty.
Mr . W. E. Cla rk made additional remarks wh ·.i ch included the sta t ement that
real estate drops fr om 20'% to 40% n a ONE WAY s t r eet. He said tha t
Pea chtree Street had no t ra ffic problems excep t du ring peak r ush h ours ,
particul arly on Fridays ac the i nterse c t1on of Fourteenth Street and Peacht ree Stree t.
Aldenna n Mi ll also made add i tional rema rks . He said that Atlant a
had to have NO PARK. NG 0r ONE WAY s t reets in the Downtown Ar ea a n d s ugge s te d
t ha t West Pea ch ree Street an Spri .g Streec m gh t be considere d for ONE WAY
operation. He strEsse · tn e 1mportan -:e of i n creased wrecker serv ice and
suggested a $25.00 fine for park 1 g 1n a restric t ed area. Stre ss ing the
importance of i ncrea sed enforcemen t~ Al derman Mi ll can sa i d that he could
see no necess icy t or a NO PARK l NG nsc r ic ti on dur ing the middl e of the day
on Wes t Pea c h tree Stree L, Pea ch · ree St reet 9 or Spring Street .
Mr. J. J. Bader f t he Tent h S reet bus ~ness dist rict sa id that the smal l
me r c hants in the area wou ld un doub ·edl
lose i f al l on=s treet parking
were removed. H~ po ...r,red ou r c he C1 ty, i n t urn, would lose taxpayers
as the busines ses c l osed.
�Mi nu t es of the Traffic and Tr anspor tation Connni ss i on Meet i n g ; February 27, 1967;
page 5
Mr . J oe Sh i ppen , whose fam i l y owns proper t y in the Pershing Po i nt area,
i. e. Rose Bowl Restaurant , an apar t ment bu i l di ng , etc , a sked t hat ons treet parking be removed only dur ing rush h ours.
Mrs . Benne t t , Benne tt Paint and Supply Co., 118 Tent h Stre et , N.E. , said
that , when Tenth Stree t was wi dened a nd on= stree t park ing on t he ir side of
the stre e t wa s subsequently r emoved, t h e business survive d. She said tha t
the bus i ne s s ou l d survive ONE WAY tra ffi oper a tion. She pointed out,
howev er , that t he bus i ness could not survive a dd i t i onal on=s treet parking
r emoval .
Mr. Robe rt W. Bi vens , Exe cut i ve Di re c tor, Central At l a nta Progress , Inc. ,
submit ted c op i es of t he or ganization's Fe brua r y 23, 196 7, Newsletter , wh i ch
i ncluded the f oll owi ng s t atement ~
" The Ci t y s hou l d t h ink t wice before banning park i ng 24 hrs.
pe r da y in c l ose =in areas simp ly be cause it ca nnot , or does
no t , enforce a 2=hr . ban dur i ng peak tra ffic hours . Why not
rigid enforcement with STIFF f i nes , prompt t ow=away, violators
foot ing t he b ill === a s int·e rmediate step, before total remova l ?
Ne ighborhoods are imp rt ant, too o"
Mr. Sam A. Dor se y, Att orney, r e pr esenting prope rty owners on Spr i ng St r e et
between Four t eenth Stre et and Peac ht re e Street, s aid tha t a t ota l ba n of
on- s treet park ing in he area would serve no purpose. He maintaine d t hat
the a f ternoon rush hour traffi conges tion on Spr i ng Stree t was the resul t
of a b ot t l eneck further nor th on Pe ach t r ee Street at Pea ch t ree Station.
He s ai d that the comp lete r emova l of on=street park ing on Spr i ng Stree t
would simpl y send veh cles mor e uickly to a wait ing poi nt t o get through
th e bottleneck.
Mr . Brannon Le&esne, H. M. Patterson & Son , 1020 Spring Stree t, N.W., expl ained that, al · ho i Ho Mo Patte rson & Son has c ons i derable off=s tree t
park ing , there were times when on= street pa rk i ng was necessary . He said
tha t the compl ete removal of pa rk ing on Spr .°.ng St reet at all times would
de finite ly crea te a hardsh i p on s me people , pa rticu la r l y be t ween t he hours
of 9 : 00 ao m. and 4 : 00 p . m. He sai d furth e r that the traffi c f lows general l y
well down Spr ing St reet exce pt betweE.n t he hours of 4 ~00 p.m. and 6 ~00 p . m.
Mr. Harry Gilham, Georgia Li gh t."' ng Su pply Company, Inc. 9 835 Spring Stre et,
N.W. , explaine his problem, io e. tha t he had a l ease on h i s pres ent loca~
tion wh ich would not expire in t he near future~ that h i s whole s a le bus i ness
was dependent upon fou r or f .t ve callers a day , and that the fou r or five callers
had to park on the s treet. He sa i d thats a l though the comp lete removal of
on=s treet parking would c ompl e t ely c:.ripple his bus iness, a ONE WAY traffic
pattern would do it no rarm .

Minutes of the Traf f i c and Transportation Comm i ss ion Meeting; February 27, 1967;
page 6
Dro J. L.o Hawk, J. L. Hawk Dru g Store, 11 76 West Pea ch tree St re et, N.W.,
a t fourteenth St ree t , asked t ha t the Commi ss i on recommend against removing
on- s treet pa rking adja cent to hi s business, i n operat ion in 1919. Dr. Hawk
said that he was .oncerne d about how ·us t omers would get t o his store and
said tha t h i s bus i ness c ou ld not surv ive w .t hout on-street parking on
West Pea chtree S tree to He sa i d t hat, as nearby on-street park ing was de =
creased , he has had t o inc r ease h i s del i v e r y service.
Mr . Ben Sh i ppen , another member of t he family own i ng property i n the Pershing
Point area , i. e . Ros e Bowl Restau ran t, a n apartment building , etc.., also
requested that on=stre et park i ng -I n t he area r ema in dur ing the day with only
a rush hour restriction.
Mr . Dean Dodds , Dean's Firea r ms & Ac c£ss or i es 9 11 26 West Peachtree Street,
N.E o, said that the remov a l of on=street parking i n t he area would result in eithe r moving t o a nother location or dissolv i ng the bus iness .
Mr. D. Oo Beu s se , Gene r al Mana ger, Bi l t more Ho te l , 81 7 West Peachtree
Street , NaE. ~ sa i d that on ly du rir,g t he a fternoon rush hours was there a
tra ffi c problem on West Pe a ch t ree St reet . He s aid that, al t hough the
remov al of on=street pa rk:ing wou ld pose no prob lem for the Bi ltmore Hotel,
ONE WAY mov ement of traff ic. would adv ersely aff e c t t he ope r ation of the
ga ra ge acros s t he stree t be cause it wou ld be necessary to drive eight blocks
to get to the garage a' Speaking i n b ehalf o f the Bi l t more Hotel, he was
defin itely agains t ONE WAY operat ion on West Pea chtree Stre et o
Mr. Frank J . La chn i t, who ope r a t es an antique bus iness at 1166 West Peachtree
S treet , N. W., wh i ch i s a cr oss t he st r eet from Dr. Hawk's Dru g Store , was very
mu ch opposed t o the r emov al o f on=street pa r king on West Peachtree Street.
He said t ha t t he re were no off= st ree t parkin g garages i n t he area and there
was no hope of ge tting one. Mr . Lachn "t su gges t ed tha t West Pea chtre e Street
might be ma de ONE WAY i nbound dur ing ·he morning hours and ONE WAY outbound
la t e r in t he da y; he expla i ned tha t t t ype of operation worke d well in
Toron t o , Canada , a city about the s ize of At lant a o Mr . La chnit also sug=
gested that a traf fi c s · gnal be installed ac Persh i ng Po i n t .
Mi ss Claribel Hi ller, who operates an art galle ry a t 93 3 We s t Peachtree
St reet , N. E. , s aid t hat a t n time dur ing the day a r e bo t h lanes of West
Pea chtree S tree t in ful l use and that s he c oul d s ee no need for taking
park i ng off We st Pea ch tre e Street at any time. Al s o, she su gges te d t hat,
if ONE WAY streets were inst a l le d, Pea ch t ree Stre e t and Spring Street
would be the mos t l ikely pa ir.
Mr. Fred Patterson 9 H. M. Pa tt ers on & Son~ expressed h i s oppos ition to the
remov al o f on=s tree t park i ng on Spring Stre et and on Wes t Pea chtree St r eet.
He noted ~ however 9 tha t the pa r k ing on cross street s i n t he area would
probabl y hamper t raffic attemp ting to re a ch Freewa y ramps.
Mr. W. T. Ba r be r 9 533 Tenth Street 9 N.W., speak ing for re s i dent s and property
owne r s of the area 9 said that his was a frin ge a r ea a nd that t r affic has
been de clining . He said t hat to e limina t e pa rkin g c omple te ly would , in turn,
�Minutes of the Tr a ffic a nd Tra nsportat i on Commi ss i on Meeting; February 27, 1967;
page 7
elimi nate certa i n sma l l bus ines se s . He e x plained that neither he nor his
neighbors were f i nanc iall y able t o relocat e their businesses to some other
sect i on of the Ci t y . He also po int ed ou t t hat to remove on- street parking
to speed traffic th r ough t he area would , i n most cases, be speeding nontaxpayers to outly ing a re a s . In clos i ng , Mr . Barber submitted a petition
asking the Alderman ic Boa r d 11 to re c ons i de r any proposal to prohibit parking
on Tenth Street. 11
Mr. Grady Sewell , owner of a barber shop at 531 Tenth Street, N.W., said
that many small bus i nesse s i n h i s a r ea did not have driveways and that no
reasonable location was av a i lable for an off- street parking facility. Speaking for other small bus i nesses i n h i s area as well as his own, he opposed
the removal of on- st r ee t pa r k i ng on Tenth S t reet .
The discuss i on the n s h i fted to t he P i edmont Avenue and Juniper Street area·.
Miss Carolyn Hi nma n , 923 P i edmont Ave nue, N.E. , said that she now had
rental units a n d tha t she was dependent upon the income from the property.
She said that i t would be i mpossible to k eep the present tenants or to get
other tenants i f the on=s t reet pa r k ing were c ompletely removed from Piedmont
Avenue. She asked that pa r k i ng be removed only dur i ng rush hours.
Mr . Robe r t E o She rrell , 96 0 P i edmon t Avenue ; N.E., opposed the proposal to
make the east s i de of P i edmont Av enue, N.E. , from Third Street to Twelfth
Street NO PAR.K I NG AN Y TIME . He s a i d t ha t t here was no traffic problem on
Piedmont Avenu e in th i s area exce p t perhaps during rush hours. He pointed
ou t that this se ction of P i edmon t Avenue is primarily res i dential and that
most of t he houses were bu i lt ma ny years ago when there was no need for
driveways o He said that the removal of parkin g would be an ex treme hardship
on these res iden ts .
Mr . J err y Zimmerman ~ Piedmont Pharma y, I nc ., 99 1 P i edmont Avenue , N.E. , at
Ten t h Street , said t hat most o f t he pe op l e i n the are a a r e e lderly people
who a r e de pe n den t upon t he i r income from r e nt al pr ope rty . He sa i d that ,
al t hou gh t he residen t s a re genera l ly agreea ble to a rush hour parking
r e st ric t i on , t he c omp lete remov al of on=stre et pa rking would make their
rental pr oper t y unrentable.
Mr . Russ ell Mar tin, 83 5 P iedmon t Avenue, N.E., a l so exp r essed opposit i on
t o t h e c ompl e t e removal of on=street pa rking on P i edmont Avenue.
Mr s . George Norman , a res i d ent of P i e dmont Ave nue be tween Sev enth Street
a nd Eighth Stre et, s a i d t ha t she fe l t that tickets should be i ssued to
mo t orist s wh o do not ob s erve ru s h h our r e stricti on s .
Also oppos ing the i ns t all ation of f u rther NO PARKIN G r estricti ons on
Pie dmont Av enue was Mro La rry Nichol s on , who s aid that, during t he da y,
Pie dmont Avenue was c lea r of all tra ffic conge s tion.
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Corrnni ss i on Meeting ; February 27, 1967;
page 8
The City Tr aff ic Engi n ee r express e d his appreciation of the many interested
citizens who ha d giv en t he ir vi ews on the v arious proposals. He said that
the Commi ss i on wi shed to exp l ore a ll of the possib i lit i es in solv i ng traffic
problems throughout t he Ci ty and st r essed that the solutions were not based
upon what would mov e the most v ehicles in the short est length of time , but
rather , what could be done to effec t a "net gain" for the Community.
Mr. Robert L. Sommervi lle , P r e s i dent, Atlanta Transit System, Inc., said
that , although the r emov al of on- st r eet parking would not greatly affect
the Atlan t a Tra ns i t System ' s ope rat i on of buses , he did not understand
all of the preparat i on to make t he streets of Atlanta into raceways which
would s i mply speed non- taxpayers to outlying areas. He said that he thought
the City should start tax i ng them before giving them any benefit of this
k i nd . He also s ai d tha t, " The no t ion that we have to have NO PARKING ANY
TIME including Sunda ys seems to be go i ng far beyond wha t we need to do ·. 11
In h i s c los i ng r ema r ks , the Cha irman , Mr. Goodwin, said that the handwriting
is more or less on t he wall that the removal of all on-street parking will
eventua lly be ne cess ary on certa i n Ci ty streets. He mentioned that the
Tenth Street bus ines s d i s trict would someday have to have off-street pa r k ing
and tha t t he bus ines se s c once rned should begin as soon as possible to provide
off- street parking facilitie s . He sugges t ed tha t , in all such area s , resident ia l and bus i ness, whe re off~ s tre et parking does not pre sently exist ,
action should be t aken to provi de su ch parking, because, year after year,
the numbe r of v ehicle s us i ng the s t r ee t s of t he City of At l anta will steadily
i ncreas e and off- street pa rk ing wi l l be re qu ired to clear the streets for
t raf f i c movement.
on March 3, 1967. After cons i derable d i scuss i on of the NO PARKING re s trict ions referre d t o the Corrnni ss i on by t he Boa r d of Aldermen on February 20 ,
1967 , t he Traffic and Transporta tion Commi ss ion r ecommended the f ol lowing :
East s ide; from 12th Street t o 14th Street; NO PARKING ANY TIME .
East side; from 14th Street to 15th Stree t; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
We s t side ; from 13th Street to 14t h Stre et ; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
East s ide; from
East side; from
TO 7 : 00 PQM.
East side; from
East s ide; from
West side; from
10th Street to 11th Street ; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
13th Street to 15th Street; NO PARKING 4:00 P.M.
Si mpson St re et to Wes t Peachtree P l ace; NO PARKNorth Avenue to Ponce de Leon Avenue; NO PARK-
North Avenue t o Linden Avenu e; NO PARKING ANY
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Commission Meeting; February 27, 1967;
page 9
North s i de; from West Peachtree Street to Spring Street; NO
PARKING ANY TIME. (Mr. Grady A. Lee cast a negative vote.)
North side ; from Peachtree Street to West Peachtree Street;
South side ; from Hemphill Avenue to Curran Street; NO PARKING
East side ; from 12th Street to Ponce de Leon Avenue; NO PARKING
East side ; from 3rd Street to 12th Street; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
West s i de; from 13th Street to 14th Street; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
West side ; from 14th Street to 15th Street; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
In discussing the east side of Piedmont Avenue from Third Street to Twelfth
Street, it was agreed that the recommendation be NO PARKING ANY TIME; however,
the Commission a s ked the City Traffic Eng i neer to notify the members of the
Traffic, Parking and Transit Committee at their forthcoming meeting on
March 8, 1967 , that it was the Commission's suggestion that a NO PARKING
4 : 00 P.M. TO 7 : 00 P .M. r estriction might be used on Piedmont Avenue from
Tenth Street to a point approximately 400 to 600 feet south of Tenth Street
to g i ve the merchants in the a rea some temporary relief.
199 ~201 FORSYTH STREET, S.W. Parkrite, Inc., 197 Forsyth Street, S.W.;
Mr . Ja ck H. Ke l ly. An off- street parking lot with a total of 34 park ing
spaces ; a ttenda nt park i ng ; 10 i nbound and 10 outbound reservoir spa c es;
one entra n ce on For s y th St r eet and one exit on Garnett Street.
The City Traffic Engineer recommended approval wi th the r estrictions
of NO LEFT TURNS i nto the entrance on Forsyth Street and NO LEFT TURNS
out of the exit on Ga rnett S t re et . IN EXECUTIVE SESSION on March 3,
1967 , it wa s moved and s econ ded that t h i s recommendat i on be APPROVED .
All were in favor.
Developme n t Corp. ; Mr. John Edwa rds, Jr. , Tr a ffi c Planning Associate s .
An o ff =st r eet parking garage of two decks with a t ot al of 1, 73 4 parki ng s paces ; sel f - park i ng ; 22 i nbou nd reservoir s pace s and 27 out bound res ervo ir spaces ; one entrance on Spring Str eet and one doub l e
entra nce on t he Techwood Vi a duct ; one doub l e ex it on Spr ing Stre e t
a nd one doub l e exi t on t he Techwood Vi aduct.
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Commi ssion Meeting ; February 27, 1967;
page 10
The City Traffic Engi neer recommende d a pproval with certain changes i n
design and wi t h certain restrict i ons : Changes in des i gn include (1)
that mod ifi ca t i ons be ma de i n the ent ra nce and ex i t ais l es which would
remove certain parking stalls that might tend to impede the movement
of through traffic in the entrance and exit aisles and (2) that an
internal ramp a r r a ngement or other suitable means be provided to permit
vehicles from each of the two decks to exit to Techwood Drive in a
manner which provides for both r i ght turns and left turns into Techwood
Drive, or, a s a n a lternate , that a direct connection f rom each of the
two de cks to Hunte r St re e t would be a su i table a nd preferre d alternate
to the above - mentioned left turns into Techwood Drive. Restrictions
include (1) NO LEFT TURNS int o the Spring Street entrance and (2) NO
LEFT TURNS out of the Spring Street exit.
I N EXECUTIVE SESSI ON on March 3, 1967, it was move d and seconde d t ha t
this re c ommenda tion be AFPROVED. All were in favor.
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS ; Superintendent J. L. Moseley.
Sergeant Michael Edwards submi tted a repor t showing the following tra ffic
acc idents throu gh Fe bruary 26 , 19 67 , as compa red wi th the ~ame period i n
1966 .
Fa t a l Accidents. .. . .. ... . .... .. . . . . . . . ... . ..
Injured Accidents •••• • •••• ••••• •• ••• • •••• •• • 402 •••••••••••••••• 386
Prope rt y Damage Accide nts ••• • • • • •• • • • • • ••••• 3,062 •••••••••••••••• 3,407
3 ,479
I V.
3 ,806
ROUTI NE ORDINANCES. The City Tra ff i c Engine er presented t he r outine
or dinances , which were approved by t he Tr affi c and Tra ns por t a t i on Commi s s ion.
(For a comp lete list of the rou t ine ordinances , se e t he Minut e s of t he Traffic,
Parking and Transit Committe e Meeting for March 8, 1967.)
Monda y , Ma rch 27, 1967 .
The meeting wa s adjourned at 4 ~30 p . m.

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