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regular meeting of the Traffic and Tra nsporta t ion Connni ss ion of the City of
Atlanta was held in Connnittee Room No. 1 of the Ci t y Hall on Monday, January 30,
1967 , at 2 ~00 p.m. The following members were present ~
Mr . George Goodwin, Cha i rma n
Mr . John R. Wi lson , Jr.
Absent ~
Mr. Robert F. Adamson
Mr. Jack E. Crowder, Vice Chairman
Mr. Grady A. Lee
Mr. Charles C. Math i as
Mr. Pete r J. Stelling
Al so pres ent were City Traffic Engineer Karl A. Bevins ; Mr. P. Andrew Sp ringer,
Sa f ~t y Eng inee r , The Atlanta Tra ffi c and Sa fety Council; Mr. J. H. Cone, Jr.,
At lanta Transit Syst em, Inc . ; and Ca ptain John T. Ma rler and Sergeant Michael
Edwar ds, At lan t a Pol ic e De partment .
The meeting wa s called to order by the Chairman and t he following business was
consi dered.
AND NORTH AVENUE . Life Insurance Company of Georgia; Cen t ra l Parking,
Inc., Mr . Gar l and Follis. An off- s treet parking garage with a total of
550 parking spaces; self- parking -or attendant park ing ; 27 inbound reservoir spaces and 30 outbound reservo i r spaces; one entrance from North
Avenue, one entrance from Linden Avenue, and one en t rance from Sp ring
Street; one exit on North Avenue , two exits on Linden Avenue, and one
THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN ON SEPTEMBER 21, 1964, was made by Mr . Fo ll i s,
who s tated that no changes whatsoever had been made in t he pl ans since
their a pproval . He pointed out t hat the onl y change nece ss ary i n t he
resolution would be the inc lusion of his name a s the person subm itti ng
the application .
The City Traffic Engineer said that, in his opinion , the re quest was
"completely in order" and recommended approva l. IN EXECUTIVE SESSION,
the application was APPROVED.
�Mi nutes of the Traffic and Transpor tat ion Commission Meeting; January 30, 1967;
page 2
196 MITCHELL STREET , S . W. A A A Park ing, I nc., 75 Houston Stre et, N.E. ;
Mr. Ra lph R. Carroll . An o ff-stre e t parki ng l ot with a total of 55
parking space s ; s el f - pa r k ing ; 6 inbound an d 6 outb ound reservoir spaces;
one en tr ance and one ex i t on Mi tche ll Street.
Mr. Carroll presente d the pl an s for the prop o sed pa r kin g lot.
The City Tr affic Engin eer s ai d that the plans were in order a nd in
accordance with the st andard s be i ng f ollowed. The City Traffic Engineer
recommended a pproval. IN EXECUTIVE SESSION, the a pplication wa s APPROVED.
1532=3 4- 36 - 38 BEECHE R STREET, S. W. Mr . J. R. Johnson, 965 Cascade Avenue,
S.W. An off =s tr ee t park i ng lot wi th a t o ta l of 25 parking space s; sel fpa rk ing; 10 inboun d a n d 10 outbound reservo ir spaces; one entrance and one
exit on Bee c her S tr eet.
In the a bse nce of Mr . Johnson, t h e City Tra ffic En gineer pre sented the
pl ans for t h e p ropo sed park i ng lo t and re c ommended approval. IN EXECUTIVE
SESS I ON , the a ppl i cati on wa s APPROVED.
REPORT OF TRAF FIC AC CI DENTS ; Super i n ten dent J . L . Moseley.
I n the absence of Supe rinten dent Moseley, Ca pta in John T . Marler a nd
Sergea n t Michael Edwards repre s ente d the Pol ic e De partment.
Captain Marler mentioned that, while fatal acciden ts h ave de crea sed, there
has been a su bs tantia l inc rea s e in accidents re sult in g in in jur i es. He
rep or te d the fol l ow1ng traffic accidents thr ough January 29, 1967, as
compar ed with the same pe riod in 1966.
Fata l AccidentSo oo•ooo o ooooooo oooo o••·· · ······
Injured A c c i d e n t S o o o o ooooo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o • o • o 244
Property Damage Accidents • • •• • • •••••••• ~ •••••• 1,469
Mr. Bev ins said chat the p rimary function of the Tra ffic Engineer ing De partment i s to "exact the maximum u s e from our exis ting s treet system." He
summar ized the 1966 activit 1. esof the Department a s follows~
The Board of Aldermen adopted a system of "Arteria l S treets" and
"Colle ct or S treets as recommended jo int ly by t he Department s of
Plann ing, Construction , and Traffic Engineering.
�Mi nute s of the Tra f fic and Transpor tation Commi ss ion Meet i ng; January 30, 1967;
page 3
elf the 147 "Arterial St reets, " 45 have had the traffic signing u pgraded
to p ermit them t o be designat ed a s "through st r eets . " Suitable
ordinances are now be ing p repa red for t he se 45 streets and additional
stree ts are be ing readied for "through street " designation.
Pea ch t ree Road fr om Fourteen th Street to We s ley Road where travel t ime
in the peak hours wa s reduced 50% wh i le the volume of traffi c handled
increa sed 23%.
P i edmont Avenue from North Avenue to Cheshire Bri dge Road where t ravel
time was cut 34% "n the P.M. rush and 12% i n t he A.M. ru sh.
Norths i de Drive fr om the Northwes t Freeway to Northside Pa rkway where
trave l time was c ut 19% i n the P.M. rush and 15% i n the A.M. ru s h.
Norths i de Drive from Bi shop St reet to Fourteenth Street where a n ex tra
lane southbou nd cut A.M . ru s h delays subs tan tia l ly.
Northside Drive at Bi shop S treet whe re NO LEFT TURN regu l a tions r educe d
travel time from Fou rteenth Street to Bishop Street 35% whi l e the number of vehicles through the intersection increa s ed 14% in the peak hour.
Bankhead Avenue from Nort hs i de Drive to Hollywood Road where parking
removal added a lane and revisions at critica l interse ctions i ncreased
capacity and reduce d travel time .
Atlanta Stadium traffic op erations system which has consistantly c leared
even ca pa c i ty crowds in 30 minu tes or l ess afte r the end of games.
10 .
A summary of other activities for the yea r 1966 shows ~
Interse tions channelized•••••• •••• •• ••••••••••••••••••••••••
Park ing meters repaired in service ••••••••• • •••••••••••• ••• •• 26,364
Traffic signs replaced.0•0000••0••0•••••••••••• ••••00•••••••• 5,493
New traffic signs i nst alle d ••••••••• ; •• •• • • ••••••••• • •••••• • • 3 , 237
Traffic signs in service (to tal) •••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••• 43 , 733
Crosswalks and stop l ines remarked •• • ••• • •• ••• • •• •••••••••••• 1,551
Ne~ cros swalks --stop l ines installed••••••••••••• ••• ••••• •• • •
11 4
Total crosswa lks ~~stop lines i n service •••••••• ••• ••••••••••• 3,6 2 1
Miles of cent e r line and l ane l ine remark e d ••• • ••• • •••••••• • • 1,037
Mi les of center l ine and l ane line installed new. ...... ... . ..
Total mi le s of center l i ne and lane l ine i n s ervice . . . . . . . . . .
Traffic s i gnals in service•• •• • • ••• ••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••
Traffic s ignals installed (new)••••••••••••••• •••• •••••••• • • •
Traffic s ignals r e v i s e doooo oooooo o o • o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo oo o oo
11 7
Damage d signals repairedoooooooo••• • • o •• •• • ••• •• •oo ooo•• •••o•
Per i od school spee d l i mi t s igns i ns ta ll ed. ..... . .... . .. . ... . .
Period school speed l i mi t signs in service. ... . . . . . . . . . . .... .
"City owned" street lights installed (new) ... .... .. ..... . . ...
Damaged street lights r e paired••• • • • ••••• •• ••• •••••••••••••••
Total "City owned" st reet lights in se rvice•••• ••••••••••••• • 5,330
�Minutes of the Traf fic and Transp ortation Commi ss ion Meeting; January 30, 1967;
page 4
A to ta l of 14, 42 5 reques ts a nd/o r complaints were re c eive d , i nvestiga ted ,
an d appropr iate action was taken on each item .
Unde r c ontract with the Georgia Power Company, 1,98 5 new s treet lights
were i ns ta l led, a nd 1 ,931 street lights were converted t o mo de r n mercury
l i gh t s . Street lighting on 29 thoroughfares was upgraded to modern
s tandards.
In add ition , a new rate schedule wa s negotiated wit h t he Geo r gia Power
Company wh ich reduced e nergy c os t equ iva l en t to s aving $1, 900 pe r mon th
or a pproxima t e l y 3 . 5%. I n a dditio n , the "ins t a ll a t ion" char ge of $57 . 50
per s tre e t ligh t ha s be en e l i minated . Th i s charge a l one formerl y amounted
t o $25 , 000 per ye ar .
Th e City of At l a nt a re tained the firm of Wilbur Smith and Associates t o
make a c ompl et e parking survey of Downtown Atlan ta . The field work is
c omp lete a nd t he r e por t i s now being pre pa red.
15 .
Some pr ogress was made i n the i mprovemen t of main te nanc e of t ra ffic
signals and s treet l ights .
Mr . Bevins also <liscuss e d the Traff ic Engineering Department's progr am for
196 7 . He explained that he ha d presented the program t o the Traff ic, Parking
an d Transit Committee a t it s meeting on January 18 , 1967, and that the Committee
memb ers had been rece p tive to the suggest ions a nd more or les s gave h i m th e
go= a hea d f or making spe cific recommendation s at their ne x t me eting .
Mr. Bevins submitte d the f ollowing general out line :
Continue to .implement the "thr ough street" program begun du r ing 1966.
Continue with an intensified use of traffic engineering te chnique s to
exact the maximum use from existing streets.
The l i s t of "typ ica l" proje ct s No . 1 through 12 completed du r ing 1966 are
examples of t he use of "traffic engineering techniques " to improve c ond iti ons.
Among the project s of thi s type now being c onsi dere d fo r 1967 are:
NO LEFT TURNS; from 14th Street onto the Freeway ramps; from 10th Street
onto the Freeway ramps; from North Avenue onto the Freeway ramps .
A 11 simple 11 traffic s ignal metering device t o regu l ate the u se of the
Freeway ramps with t he objective of subs ta ntially reducing the numbe r of
11 rea-r end"
olli s ions .
Channe l ization and traffic. s ignals at Ar mou r Drive a nd Monroe Drive.
Minor widening , ch anne l ization, and "lef t turn" signals at Che s hire
Bridge Road and Lindbergh Drive=~LaVista Road.
�Minutes of t he Tr affic and Tr an sportatio n Corrnni ss ion Mee ting ; Ja nuary 3 0 , 196 7 ;
page 5
Channe l iza t i on , l eft tu rn res tri cti ons, an d spe c ial t raf fi c s i gna l
s e que nce s t o r e duce ac ci dents a n d cong es ti on at Li n dbe r g h Drive and
Pie dmo n t Ro ad.
A t hre e - l a n e (mi d d l e lan e reve r s i b le ) system f or S i mp s on Roa d from
Ashby Str ee t t o We s t La k e Ave nu e .
A t h r e e - lane (m i ddle l a n e r e v e r sibl e ) syst em f o r Memo ria l Dr i v e from
Se co nd Av enue to Candl er Road .
NO LEF T TU RN r e s tr i c t i on s and spec i a l tr a f fic s ignal equ ipment at Go rd on
S t r e e t~ Lan ghorn S t r ee t, an d Wh i t e Stre e t.
Channe l i z a t ion t o reduce hazards a t Campbe llt on Roa d, Lak ewo o d Free way~
an d Cou nt r y Club Driv e .
Mi n o r wi d e ning an d chan nel iz a ti on o f High t ower Roa d a nd Simpson Road t o
p rov i de f or t hre e - lane ope r a t ions an d design at i on s of " Left Tu r n Onl y"
la ne s.
Cha nne l i z ati on a n d p rov is i on of s pecial " r i ght tu r n " l ane s at No r t hsid e
Drive an d E~~ hop Stree t .
12 .
Wi den i n g of al l fo ur legs of Cl eve land Av enu e and Stewa r t Avenue to
provi d e a t l ea st 5 l ane s on e ac h l eg with sufficien t r i gh t - o f- wa y f or a
fut u re grade s e paration.
13 .
Ch annel i zation to add "le ft t urn on l y lanes a t Mar ietta Boul e va rd , Bol t on
Road an d Adams Dr i v e .
14 .
Mi no r wi den ing an d c ha n ne l iz a t i on of "key" int e r se cti on s on Campb e ll t on
Road t o p rov id e f or th r ee -lane op e r a tion an d desi g nation of " left turn
on ly" lan e s .
15 .
Cha nn e l iz at i on a t Ches h ire Bri dge Road and Cha nti l ly Drive .
16 .
Th e f u rt he r use of One Wa y str e e t s t o s impl if y and increase th e s afe t y
and e ff iciency of i nt e rsection s , s uc h as:
Forsyth Street- - Peach tree Stree t-- Carne g i e Wa y
Peac ht ree S t ree t- - We s t P each tre e S t re e t- - Bak e r S tr ee t
Pe ach t ree Stre e t -- Wes t Pe acht ree S t r e e t -~ 19 t h St reet
Pe achtre e Street -- Sp ri ng Street
Eu cl i d Av enu e --Aust i n Av enue
Lee S tre e t -- We st Wh i t e h a ll St r ee t ( McCa ll ' s Cros s i ng)
1 7.
Ref inements i n t he At l anta Stadium traffic ope rating pla n an d t he
develo pment and purcha se of 11 a u toma t i c 11 cont rol e qu i pmen t to d e s igna t e
reve r s ible one - way streets, reversi b le lane s and o the r changes in
ope rat ing pro cedure .
�Mi nutes of the Tra ff i c 9 Park i ng an d Tra ns it Corrnnit t ee Meet i ng; J a nu a r y 30 , 196 7 ;
page 6
18 .
Incre a sed use of NO PARKING ANY TIME r e gulations on arter ia l and co llector
stre ets.
Addi t ional upgrad i ng, i nterc onnect ion and re -t iming of traffic signa l s.
Aggre ss i ve l y follow up t he gai ns made in gene r ating inte r est in Fr eeway
i mpr ovement s and pr ess f or a c cel e raced support from the St ate High way Depart ment.
Coopera t e with t he S tat e Hi ghway Department and the Federal agencies to take
f ull a dvan ta ge o f bene f i t s from the 1966 Highway Safet y Legisla tio n and
re l at ed Fe deral Ai d traffic improvement programs.
Ut il i ze the info rma t ion developed in the 1966 Parking Study .
Deve l op and imp l eme n t a r e a l i st i c program for th e main tenance of traffi c
signs, markings, stree t l ights , an d traff i c signa l s .
The r efu rbi s hing of the exis ting 40,000 traffic s igns mu st be increas e d
from 6, 000 per yea r to 8 , 000 per yea r (a 34% increa s e ) ~ j ve year s is t he
ma ximum l i fe o f a sign .
The existing 390 mi l es of street with marked ce nte r lines need to be better
ma intained an d increased to 475 miles ( 24% increase) .
The existing 1,200 intersections with ma rk ed c rosswalks should be increased
t o 1,800 (50% increase) .
Almost no painting of poles or cleaning of glassware has been done since
1960 on the 5,311 "City owne d" street lights. This maintenance pr ogram
mu st be started with th e goal of cleaning every two years and painting every
four years.
Tra ffic signal lens and reflectors need to be cleaned twice as often as is
now being done . Additional 'preventive" maintena nce is needed on traffic
signal control l ers and add itional "emergency" service is needed. The re is
an u rgent need fo r approxima t ely 80 new t ra ff ic signa l install ations. In
ad dit {on, another 70 to 80 (making a total of 150-1 60) new s ignal installatio ns would be helpful and are desired by the public.
Continue to upgrade street lights on major thoroughfares and add and/or
upgrade street lights on other street s as re quested or needed.
Improve th e 11 in~se rv i ce 11 t rain ing program to provide a means of bring ing
new employees in our service shops to the neces sary leve l of knowledge an d
skill in a short er pe ri od of t i me .
�Minutes of the Traffic _and Transportation Commission Meeting; January 30, 196 7;
page 7
Long range goals inc lude:
Ke e p ing informed on new deve l opmen t s in the use of comput ers for
tra f f ic s igna l c ontrol, traffic counting, and th e ke e p ing and u s e
of ma i ntenance r e c ords .
I nst a ll a microfi lm s ys t em f or the storage of traff ic survey data
wh ich nee ds t o be retained but is only us ed oc casionally.
Thes e t wo " long r a nge" it ems are wa ys i n wh i ch labo r costs can be
minimi z ed .
The pr opos ed me t e ring device t o re gu la t e the u se of Fre eway ramps wa s
d i scus s ed . Mr. Bevins exp l a i ned that it would b e a simple traffic signa l
me t ering device s i mi l ar to t hose use d in Chicago a nd Houst on, bu t tha t i t
wou ld not have the expensive comput er connected to it to choos e a gap in
the Freeway traffic. He stres s ed that its purpos e would be t o re duce the
large number of rear end c ol l isions on Freeway ramps.
There was a l s o considerabl e d i scus sion of pr oposed ONE WAY street s yst ems.
Mr. Bev ins s a id that the one seriou s prob l em e ncoun t e r ed thu s far is the
change in bus r out e s . He r e ported t hat t he Traff ic Enginee ring Department
wi ll continue r~ work close:y with the At l anta Trans i t System t o faci l ita te
t hese change s .
ROUTINE ORDINANCES. The City Traf f ic Eng i neer pre s e n ted the routine
ord i nances, which we r e app r ove d b y t he Traffic a nd Transporta t ion Commission.
( For a compl e t e l i s t o f th e rou tine ord i na nces, s ee t he Minut es of the Traffic,
Pa rking a nd Trans i t Committ ee Meeting for February 8 , 1967 .)
Monda y, Februa ry 27 , 196 7 .
The mee t i ng was a dj ourned at 4 : 15 p .m.

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