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terrers SIT 11/13/67 (OS City of At lanta, Mayor's Office
J. D. Grier, Fred C. Bennette, Jr., J. C. Ward,

Joseph E, Boone, E. M. Dorsey;, J. R. Hurley

Operation Breadbasket

Refer to Wire: A LLW 18 PD FAX Atlanta 10:32 p.m. Est11/10

Acknowledge receipt of your wire reference to Atlanta Metro
Area Civil Defense Council, Have previously offered to have
this matter brought to the attention of the City Job Opportunity
Committee and/or the Community Relations Commission,
Advise whether complaint is in reference to old issue of Sterres
Johnson employment, or what other specific question in the
defense council set up.

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.

Send the above message, subject fo the ferms on back hereof, which are hereby agreed to


1269—(R 4-55)


Pe Pur Phacinet Testes AtRRMRW abet Orn Sea ond oie hatte back. to the: SCSBIDSAL am. 9 For ‘
MaPSEeATOn aaa ata hace Ler edinibals Liniees ther edsosinaicaeed ante tarer thea ke ame ncrepeated comment snc nals see menace tn eeenitorarione Nts heres “attain
tho sender of the message nnd the Telegraph Company as fellows:
1. The Telegraph Company shell Mabie pom mistakes of del. In the transmission of delivery, or far ellvery, 6! at the
menage ‘ike beyond the sum of ive hundred dollars; noi infstakes or aalage ta the trarenission or dellvery, or. ne Souler. Oe any Teese Sere for transmission at the repented
Message rate beyood the sum of hve thousand dollars. Gini specially valued: oor io any cise for delays arising from unavalilaie {oterruption in th tae working of tt Unes

‘2. In any event the een comaSns tehall pot be table for damnres: for miktakes or delays In the transmisias or: Seueee -gr for the nomdellvery, of meware, whether

esused by the negligence of Im sertan. ao, beyond the actual tow, not eteredine In any event the aum-of fve tiowand dots at which amount the sender of cach mesata

fepresents that the menage ly vallied, sileeors 2 nate value la Stated Inwriting by the sendepthercol at the time the mesinge ba aiice tranamission, and unless the reprated-cu=ag@
Fate la pald or arrecd to be pald and an additions! charge equal to oee-renth oLone per cent of the amount by which such valuation hall exceed five thomsand-dollary.

¥ 3. Tho Telegraph Company ls hereby made the agent of the sender, without Mtability, to forward this message Gver the linea of any other company when necessary te reach ita

4. The applicable tari charset on a mestause destined toa:
the ettahlished city of community Mmits cf the destination point. Hey
Rot ubderince to meke delivery but will endeavor to arrange for cell
of any additional charge from: the addressce and agrees to pay ouch ao

5. No reaponathility attaches to the Telreraph Company concerning messages unt!l the same are ge ee atone of ita panera ted ‘offices: and ils message la sent touch office by
one ofthe Tungrabh Company's Meaengers, he acts for that purpose the trent of the sender: except (hat when the Telegraph Companh senda a nesrngrr to plek Up a message, ae tick
Senger in ee Qaboos acta iia the agent of the Telegraph Company io accepting the missage, the Telegraph Company. qusumnling tesponslbllity from the thor of such pecepi

area ¢ be Hable for damages or statutory penalties wher the on ia not presented In writing tothe Pctaliaiy Company, ie within Ase aye
after the t tesare i Med with the Telegrapt mpany for transmission in the asc of u memage between points within the United States texcept in the case ofan reece

Texas) or between & point in the United States onthe one ee gota pelnt in Alaska, Ca or St. Ph n a

States and a ship at sea or in the alr, tb) within G5 days after the tates ofactlon, If — oe accrued To the = of an (ntrasthte torsesge in Feiss, ancl {co} seactla, 8150 ‘days after
posse ois. Med with the Tele if Company for mansion In thease of h age botween mn point in the United eats anil a forelgn or oversess polot other than the points
ined enor ip ue paragraph; rovided, however, that this condition shall not apply to claimy for dapiages or orerchanga 0 the purview of Section 415 of the Communications
; Be amen:

f It $ aereed that eee action by the Telegraph Company to recuver the tolld for any mesdge of messages the prompt and correct tranumicion and delivery thereof shall be
‘ul .


lteted tn the Te! egraph ‘Corman ‘4 Dissetery of Statlons cover lta delivery within
such Nenits ned t 5 In the Telegraph Company's Dy, of Stations, the Jeeta hh 5 the eat docs
Yt by any nvaiinble meaty nt of the sender, oles the Undentaading thit the sender authori orzo the rollectiog:
dithonal charge-1f it is ‘not saligctad from the addressee.

patne tn the continental United &

ekraph Company will

treAMiquelon iMands on the other hand, or bet weet In the United

fal terms governing the transmission of messages arcording to thelr classes, ay enumerated below, shall apply Lo mesanges In each ofsuch respective classes In addition to.
permit, Fs i

all the f 5 .
9. No employeq of the Telegraph Company 4 authorizéd to vary the foregoing: |
a = |
:; '
’ 2
‘The fastest domestic service. The Tae ey oeee bexeices May be written In code, tipber! or In any fanguage exe
DAY LETTER (DL) a i i A oe :
A deferred sume-tsy service, at low rates. Sara overbiglil TAIN ie Ukeo ial ight plala at hale: charge for22 words applica.


mieal overn|ght service. Acerpted upto 2 A, M, for delivery the following morning,
Tel tier rates. -.

At rates lower than the Telegram ur Day Le

For momayts to and from ships at sea.

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