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torable ivan A Mayor Gity of Atlanta

The Atlenta Summit Lo2cc2°° “> Tonference, A Coordinating
Coalition of Atianta Grganizetions and Community Leadership.
Primary Sponsors: NAACP, Operation Breadbasket, Atlanta

Negro Voters League, All-Citizens Registration Committee and
ACCA. Summit Co-Chairmen:. Jesse Hill, Jr., Rev. S. W. Willi-

ams and Alderman Q. V. Williamson.

State of Our City and the Negro Community, special requests

and concerns. Presented by Special City Affairs Committee.

Our Committee is here to reaffirm its interest and confidence in

the future of Atlanta and to express our desire to share in the responsi-

bility of its continued growth and greatness.

It is our desire and

intention to share at all levels and in all areas. This morning we wish

to make the following requests and express concerns indicated:



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Special Requests -

The appointment of a Negro to Deputy Staff level in the
Personnel Dept., under General Sutherland, and the hiring
of a Negro Recruiter.


provisions in all City Purchasing Contracts.

The immediate desegregation of the Main Library staff and
. the desegregation and merit promotion of personnel in
branch staffs.

The hiring of Negro Housing Inspectors.

_ The hiring of Negro Judges in the Traffic “and Municipal
Courts not as Ad Hoc Judges but regular Judgeship status.

The Installation of an Information Desk in lobby of. City

The revival of the City's Equal Employment Opportunity
‘Committee, formerly headed by the late Alderman John A.
White, and included the late Attorney A. us Walden and
Clarence Coleman.

Second Request for a list and description including
“purpose and top staff of all federal funded or assisted
programs of the City of Atlanta. This request was made
many. months ago shortly after Mr. Dan Sweat was named to
his current position. .

Housing Urban Renewal, Model Cities -

Our Community and our City Government are on a "collision—
course" {n Urban Renewal, Housing the proposed Model.Cities
Program. We have already informed: you of our endorsement
of our community position on Housing as setforth by i
NAACP through President A. M. Davis.

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An Equal Employment Opportunity clause with in enforcement ©

The Atlanta Summit Leadership Conference
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr
Page 2
‘May 10, 1967

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We take this opportunity to inform you of our endorsement of the

proposals submitted by Rep. John Hood on "Model Cities" including
- immediate action for changes. in the Executive Board. We also request
that the Planning Fund Request, Technical Advisory Board be revised to
include our suggestion for Negro experts to be included (plus other
job categories).

Urban Renewal

The Negro Community has seen Urban’ Renewal too often implemented
as "Negro Removal". We also see it as business and sizable financial
transactions, where representatives of our race have been excluded
‘from major financial transactions, a crucial item that could along with
other ills in Model Cities, and Housing cause Atlanta to lose the Negro
Community support of all Federal HUD Programs, a strong united complaint
from our community to HUD Secretary Robert Weaver requesting a halt in
HUD funds for Atlanta. ms

The crucial case in point is the Rockdale Project. (Alderman .
Williamson will explain our »osition) where a Negro church, Union
Baptist is the sponsor, a Negro architect and Negro agents are pri-
‘marily involved. _


In view of the evils and discrimination uncovered by Alderman
Williamson recently in the City Construction Department, we request a
* survey or investigation of all city departments. The investigating
staff should include representatives of the Equal Employment Opportu-
nities Committee and the City Human Relations Commission.

.. We also request a summary report of involvement. of Negroes in.
the City Government (staff and policy) and a summary report of the status
of compliance of Atlanta with the Civil Rights Law. Negroes are still
-receiving public accommodation insults in our city.’


‘Park Facilities

We request a Crash Program to correct the many years of discri-
mination in the location of park: facilities and the quality of park
facilities and golf courses in our city. oO

Status of Alderman Q. V. Williamson

_u,. «+ We'wish to apologize to Alderman Williamson for’ this personal
reference. He had no knowledge that this item would be included,

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‘The. ‘Blanks: Summit Leadership Conference” —

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr
Page 3

May 10, 1967. abn

However, we note that you have appointed every one in his tenure
class or older to charimanships of committees but him. In the case of
Hugh Pierce he has a chairmanship and a vice chairmanship. Mr.
Williamson has neither a chairmanship nor a vice chairmanship. We
suggest that he be considered as chairman of the Equal Employment Op-

- portunity Committee to succeed the late John White as a beginning to

correct this situation.


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