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July 21, 1965

The Mayor's City Job Opportunities Committee convened
at 2:00 pe me Wednesday, July 21, 1965, in Committee Room No. 2, .
City Hall. The following were present:
John A. White, Chairman
C. De. Coleman
S. W. Graydon
Q. V. Williamson
Carl T. Sutherland
After calling the meeting to order, John A, White asked
if anyone knew of any discrimination anywhere. Mr. Q- Ve
Williamson said that he had heard some complaints from citizens
who feel that negroes are not getting a fair chance to obtain
employment in “white collar" jobs. Mr. Graydon explained that the
"white collar" jobs have to be filled by promotion, Mr. Sutherland |
continued by saying that filling jobs by promotion can be a dis-
advantage because sometimes people who barely meet the require-

ments have to be hired. Mr. Sutherland also explained the system

of filling jobs by promotion. He stated that when a job is open

in a department, if any one person in that departmentwqualifies.,..- amc

he has to be promoted. If no one qualifies.-in the department in

which the vacancy occurs, then any person in the City government

who qualifies is eligible for promotion. The head of the depart-

ment in which the vacancy occurs has a choice of three in City-wide


promotionals, If there are only one or two who qualify, he may.
request that the job be filled by open-competitive examination.
Mr. Coleman asked if the promotional system of filling jobs was
a law of the Personnel Board, Mr. Graydon answered by saying
that it was an act of the legislature, He stated that he and
Carl Sutherland opposed the approval of the act, but the legis—
lature adopted it.

Following the discussion of the City's promotional
system, C. D. Coleman said that he would like to mention the fact
that about half of the negroes who apply for jobs other than
Laborer do not pass the examinations. Coleman suggested that a
training program be set up to help more negroes pass examinations.
Mr, White agreed that a training program would be beneficial to
negroes. He appointed Carl Sutherland and C. D. Coleman to work
together on setting up a training program. He also approved the
suggestion of Mr. Coleman that a negro be hired to go into the
colored schools to recruit negroes for City employment,

Carl Stitherland read a list which included statistics

of employment by the City of Atlanta from October 5, 1964, through

June 30, 1965. After hearing the figures quoted in this list (a
copy of which is attached and made a part of these minutes) the

: t 7 f :
members of the Committee agreed that good progress is being made

in providing equal opportunities for negroes for employment with

the City of Atlanta.

A suggestion was made by C. D. Coleman that Mr. Paul
weir be asked to present a report concerning the progress made
in the Water Department in providing equal opportunities for
employment for both white and colored. The Chairman and mem-
bers of the Committee concurred that Mr. Coleman's suggestion was
a good one and that Mr. Weir would be included at the next
meeting. |

There being no further business, the meeting was

Respectfully submitted,



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