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Atlanta, Georgia 30303

WYONT 8. BEAN May 26, 1966


TO: Collier B. Gladin, Assistant Planning Engineer
FROM: Jerry Coffel, Planner II

SUBJECT: Federal Code Enforcement Program

Recently I have reviewed the Center Hill Code Enforcement project materials
and discussed it briefly with Woody Underwood, Comptroller's Department.
While I was not unaware of them, I again considered the ineligible costs of
providing sub-surface community facilities -- water mains, sewer lines and
storm drains. As you recall, the City's action on the project turned on
its lack of funds for the last item.

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide you with a few additional thoughts
on Center Hill. Through the Basic Sewer and Water Program, the City could

now obtain Federal funds to provide the needed sewer lines and water mains

for the project area. Also, the Regional Office has indicated once that it
anticipated that storm drains would be made qn eligible project cost in the
1966 housing amendments to the code enforcement program. At the present time,
the Comptroller's Department is preparing bond issue statistics based on our
preliminary estimates for Center Hill; this includes the cost of financing

the ineligible cost items. If the bond issue is passed on this basis and the
storm drains become an eligible project cost, the City would gain an additional
$60,000 in Federal funds and @ould release an additional $60,000 in bond issue
monies. :

Now I think we can initiate two actions to get the Center Hill Project underway.
First, it will be most appropriate for the Mayor's Office to contact Congressman
Weltner to enlist his assistance and influence in modifying the 1966 housing
legislation to make storm drainage work eligible cost items in the Code Enforce-
ment Program; this could be begun by transmitting a copy of this recommendation
to Dan Sweat, Director of Intergovernmental Relations, for his reaction. The
second action involves coordination with the Water Department and Construction
Department to insure that the cost of needed water mains and sewer lines in
Center Hill are included in their application under the Basic Sewer & Water
Program. I believe the only improvement in their applications related to the
Center Hill area is an additional water main along the Bankhead Highway. The
best means of accomplishing this action would be to get Dan's support in getting
an amendment to the existing City's application to H.U.D.

Collier B. Gladin
May 26, 1966
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In essence, what I am suggesting for you to consider is meeting the needs of
Center Hill by influencing the 1966 housing legislation and coordinating the
use of another Federal aid program by two other City departments. No small
undertaking I agree. However, it can reasonably be accomplished and the City's
financial obligation in Center Hill lessened. If you think the ideas have
merit, we should probably talk them over with Dan Sweat.

Dovey OHpel

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