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February 1, 1965
Honorable John A. White, Chairman
Employment Opportunities Committee
218 Healey Building
57 Forsyth Street, N. W.
Atlanta 3, Georgia
Dear Mr. White:
I am enclosing a copy of a report of ethnic distribution of
City employment showing the numbers of Wh ites and Negroes
employed in classes other than Porter, Laborer, Waste Collector I, Building Cleaner, Build i ng Custodian, and Caddy Master
as of December 28 , 1964. This report also lists total number o f
Negroes employed in each o f the listed classes as · of December 26 ,
1963 . You will note that as of December 26 , 1963, 337 Negroes
were employed in 36 job classes, and that on December 28 , 1964,
483 Negroes were employed in 52 classes other than those listed
above .
This report shows that steady progress is being made in providing
job opportunities in a wide variety of classes for qualified
Negro applicants.
Since heavy ~o~k concerned with the budget prevented your
calling a meeting of the Committee during the month of January,
I suggest that you not call a meeting until April if you feel
that this report is sufficient for the January meeting. I am
mailing a copy of this report to the Mayor and to each member of
the Committee.
Director o f Pers onnel
CTS/ cbt

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