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News Release —— IVAN ALLEN, Jr.

Mayor of Atlanta

Mrs. Ann Drummond
For further information call — Ja 2- 4463 Executive Secretary

For Use Tuesday,
October 29, 1963


Ihave appointed a committee of city officials and Negro leaders
in order to study job opportunities and recommend new areas of city

employment. Iam asking this City Job Opportunities Committee to

work with the Personnel Board, the Personnel Director and all City
Department Heads in seeking employment for Negroes who qualify for
City jobs through the Personnel Department, This Committee is to

report to me periodically.

Members of the Board of Aldermen are invited to consult with
the Committee and to cooperate with it in seeking solutions to a problem

which concerns our City government,

The following people named below have been appointed to this committee:

John A, White, Chairman
R. A. Nixon

Cc. E, Coleman

Stafford W. Graydon

A, T, Walden

Q. V. Williamson

Carl T. Sutherland

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