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1918 Edinburgh Terrace, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

July 3, 1967

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

Recalling April 26, 1967, when, as the granddaughter of the late
Colonel Thomas /. Winn, I had the pleasure of meeting you for the first
time, however, I had seen you in action in and about Atlanta on TV in
recent months, as well as being ever cognizant of the manner in which
you have handled the serious matters appertaining to the Civil Rights
movement in, and about Atlanta. You always seem to come out "on top!
in the long run. On the 26th of April, I stated further that the late
Courtland Winn, former Mayor of Atlanta, was my grandfather's nephew,
being the son of the Late Samuel Winn (Judge) Gwinnette County, my grand-
father's brother. I never knew them well as I was educated in South
Carolina, but have had the family history imbued within me for years.

I have lived at the above address for over 25 years and am a resi-
dent of DeKalb County, formerly Fulton, and a business and profession
woman therein for a number of years. In this connection, I had the

opportunity of being one of the first to volunteer to work for the

Women in Community Services, Inc., Atlanta, in setting up and working

in the Job Corps for Girls, from June, 1965 through May, 1966-- 3023

hours, more or less, account of count by Mrs. Richard C. Bunzl, President,
Council of Jewish Women, one of the four organizations comprising the WICS, INC.
Atlanta. While I did not have the time to spend so many hours of free work,

there were no other volunteers for the office work and I just could not say "Not

; “ee
to the very dedicated Project Director-- Miss Helen Oppenlander. Naturally,
I, myself, developed a great interest in my way of helping further the cause
in regard to the poverty stricken girls who needed help. While there were
not enough training Centers at the time, the Project UVirector, Mrs. Weaver
(now Project Director) and one or two others (intermittently) held the
organization together until it has now reached it's present stage, and there
are more centers to send the girls to for training.

Further, it was my pleasure to become acquainted with ad meet some of
the other dedicated people interested in the program, as well as the Presidents
of the four organizations comprising the WICS.

In this connection, and in view of the sudden passing of Mr. Emmerich,
and realizing the task of procuring the right man on which the mantle is to
fail, since I have had the insight of workings of the Job Corps for Girls--
distinguished entirely from EOA, Inc. by contract with Mr. Schriver, I am
deeply interested in, and having the satisfaction of knowing the right man who
will succeed Mr. Emmerich. Having known Dr. Merle C. Patterson as my
minister at Druid Hills Presbyterian Church, where he was well regarded by
all, and later of his work with EOA, Inc., as Director, County-Wide Projects,
under Mr. Emmerich, I took the libery of suggesting his name to the Chairman
of the Board of Directors by telegram today, copy of which is enclosed here-
with. While I realize there are others qualified in their respective entities,
from an over-all standpoint, if proferred and accepted, I believe he would
certainly be the right man for the job. I have met Dr. Cothrane, but feel
that if a negro is appoknted it would give the impetus of being a "Negro
Program", when the ratio of whites is to 1, I understand.

I trust that the Board will be able to come up with the right decision
for the benefit of all concerned. Sincerely, fo

17, Vero <
Me Mae W. Jow
nel. Member, Atlanta

cs, INC.

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