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Toi. 522·4 463 Aroa Codo 404
May 18, 1967
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Alderman Rodney M. Cook
Mr. Collier B. Gladin, Planning Director
11'..r. Isadore c·':11\deub, Candeub, Fle.issig & Associates
Mr. John Brown, Candeub, 7.IJ.,.,leis
t ig ./ t ~s~ciates
Vir. George L. Aldridge, Jr.
Meeting on May 12, 1967 o
Equal Opportunity in Housing Report
On Friday May 12, 1967, the Equal Opportunity in Housing report,
dated December, 1966, prepared by Candeub, Fleissig & Associates i n
connection with the Community Improvement Program was discussed. T"ne
f ol lowing persons were in attendance: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Alder man
Rodney H . Cook, Mr. Isador·e Candeub, President, Capdeub, Fleissig &
Associates, ~..r. John Brown, Candeub, Fl eissig & Associates, Mr. Coll ier
B. Gladin, Planning Director, ~nd Mr. George L. Aldridge, Jr., Community
I mp rovement Program Director. T'ne following represents those are a s on
which agreement was reached and which the consultant was advised to
The City requested and the consultant agreed to r ewr i te
cer tain portions of the report provided the i n tegrity o f the
r e port is not destroyed. To assis t the consul t an t the City
agreed to provide them with t h e Planning St a f f comments
used at the meeting by Ald er man Cook.
Th e City r equested and t he consultant ag r ee d t o incorporate
obviou s change s a nd/o r trends t hat have been made or have
taken pl a ce i n pub li c fa cilities and s ervices in t he Ci ty
within approx i mately the las t 5 year s . The City is to
pr ovid e t he c onsul tant wi th this i nformati on.
Interview re su l t s and material contained in the repor t
were di s c~s s ed . Two alternative approaches evol ved , nei~her
of wh ich achieved comple t e ag~£ement. Consequently , the
1 consultant i s advised to follow (a) or (b ) or a combination
of (a) ai:id (b)'. b~low:. ·
' I
�May 18, 1967
Delete the interview material from the report, but
provide the City with a separate and complete supplement on the interviews and/or
Retain the interview material in the report but
provide a blanket statement with heavy emphasis
to the fact that the interview results do not
necessarily agree with the facts. The tex t s houl d
stress that the interview results represent opinions
and discuss the dangers inherent in public opinion
surveys. Additionally where the opinion and the
f acts do not agree, the consultant might refer t he
reader to an appropriate factual section or i llustrate. this with facts.
Program Recoxranendations
The City requested and the consult~nt agreed to the following:
Tie in the finding of facts or ·factual determinations
.with the program recommendations and the approach
toward solutions.
In addition to making the recommendations t h e report
should spell out the levels or degrees within each
· program recom.-nenda.tion which the City should attain
within a _practical or feasible . period of time.
"·· .
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