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1, What in your estimation, is the best or most feasible approach to the prodlan or
housing displaced persons?

Persons displaced by governmental action must be relocated within the general
‘confines of their immediate neighborhood. Displacement of families or persons
outside their neighborhood disrupts family unity and creates untold social problems.
Programs which will allow gradual demolition and replacement of housing rather
than wholesale demolition of neighborhoods must be established.

2. What are your views concerning temporary relocateble housing? Pros and Cons
I favor temporary relocatable housing. It will help prevent disruption of
neighborhoods and families, Such temporary housing must not be allowed
to develop into permanent undesirable, below code housing.



3, What position does City Eall teke with regard to relocatable housing? Then
specifically the type to be used in the Eedford Pine Froject.

City hall proposed and encouraged the relocatable housing demonstration in
Bedford-Pine and Model Cities,


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4. Wheat role will the City vlay with resard to this tenporary relocatable housing?

See Number 3. Atlanta Housing Authority is the City's agent for administering
the urban renewal and housing program.



5. Whet plans does City Hall have in mind with regard to the Bedford Fine ares?

How do these plans differ from the actual plans?

The actual plans as submitted by the Atlanta Housing Authority are the plans of
the City since AHA is the City's agent for housing redevelopment.

6. Whet lone range goals and vnlans are projected for the area?

7. What in your ectinotion, would benefit the area the most? What are their immediate

needs? ;
The immediate needs in the area are in the area of providing decent housing.
Parks and schools have been developed and are in operation. Economic
Opportunity programs must of necessity go hand-in-hand with the development
of physical facilities.


8. Whet cormunication links does the City: have with the Bedford Pine Negro leadership?

Bedford-Pine Negro leadership communicated with City Hall through the
Bedford-Pine Urban Renewal Committee or Sub-Committee to the Citizens

* Advisory Committee for Urban Renewal,


that by using these tenporary relocatable housing units it will help

9. Do you think ;
t Encourege people to stay in the area?

strengthen the neighborhood concept?
Yes. People establish roots in an area and even though it might be sub-
standard, it is home to them.


e tern r housing elsewhere in the future? If so
? Whe 1 be done with the units during the interin?

10. Do you anticivete using th

for what use and where
Yes in the Model Cities project. The redevelopment needs in this city are so
great that there would always be a use for temporary housing units and there
would be no interim period when these units would be allowed to stand vacant.

What type of relocation plens are there for retaining churches and local stores in

the neignbornood?

See Atlanta Housing Authority plans.

12, Are you avare of any new proposals for the area, such as exgending the civic center
or utilizine the area for comercial development purposes? What are City Halls
views? How would you like to see the area developed? Expound.

I am aware of no specific proposal for expanding the Civic Center or utilitizing
the area for commercial development. The area should be primarily redeveloped
for housing. We should not, however, deny the Atlanta area adequate civic
facilities and the total needs of the city must be weighed with the needs of’the
Bedford-Pine community in determining reuse.

13, what is the current status of the Bedford Pine project?

See Atlanta Housing Authority.

14, Does the City plen to initiate any new types of low cost housing for the area?
If so explain.

See Atlanta Housing Authority.


15. What other agencies, on a local governmental level, are envolved in the planning

‘or development stages of this project?

Atlanta Housing Authority and City Planning Department.


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16, Waat suggestions would you have for coping with the housing problem other than
using the tenvorary relocatable housing? List alternatives,
oo” .

The Mayor's Housing Program sets forth specific goals and has provided for
machinery to push housing plans. A copy of this program is attached.

Dan Sweat

Director of Governmental Liaison
City of Atlanta

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