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O9ar llll!!t :P a pa Ho. 3
Janu9,ry 27, 1967
The Urban Alliance should engage in a broad range of programs
to gain public attention and support for the ne e ds of urban areas.
Many of
these programs should be specially designed to establish a liaison with a
specific group by stressing a commu nity o f i nterest with t h at grou p , t h ereby
drawing it into the Alliance.
These programs will be aimed as much at
forming the Alliance as at fui:th e ring i ts o b jectives.
For e x a mple:
(1) A co nferenc e on mass tra nsit mi ght b e a ve hicle
for developing ti e s w ith t he steel industry, the
s p ac e indus t ry, the e lec t ro nics i n dustry, t h e
railro ads .
(2) A bro ad -s cale v oter registratio n drive on a
n atio na l urban scale t o i n sur e great e r p a rticip ation in t he d emo cra t ic process might b e
s pon s ored with c i vil right s grou p s, c hurc h es
and lab o r u n ions .
(3) A s t u dy group on the u se o f co mputers a nd
s y s tem s a n a l y sis t o moderni z e governm e ntal
o pera t ions might stimu late general s upp o rt
amo ng the bus i ne ss commu nity .
(4) A jo int proje c t t o d e velo p new tec hniq u e s of
hous ing rehabilitatio n mi g ht b e u nderta ken
w ith the l u mbe r i ndustry .
Pro gram s mu s t a l so be deve lop e d w hi ch w ill defi ne the l o ng - r a n g e
go als o f t he Urban Allia n ce and whic h w i ll fo c us attention on urban ne e ds.
(1 ) A tas k forc e o f Mayor s could cond u c t on-site
inspecti on s o f the e ffort s o f vari ous c ities to
d eal with ma jor problems. The i n spection tour
�' /
Agena& Pdper No . 3
January 27 , 1967
Page 2
would bring national attention to the ability
of cities to handle problems such as law
enforcement and urban renewa l.
(2) The Urban Economic Council could bring an
urban perspective to national economic policy
considerations and could help project the
needs o f localities for financial assistance
for service programs and physical development
(3) A movie or television program cou ld be designed
to emphasize the needs of cities as well as the
ability of cities to deal with their problems if
given adequate finan c ial assistance. For example , a tour o f a blighted area in c ity #1
might be followed by a view of an urban renewal
project i n a similar area in city #2 ; a description
of l arge - scale unempJ,oyment in city #2 might
then be followed by a tour of a manpower program
in city #1.
(4) Conferences might be organized for Mayors and
·deans of Schools o f Public Administration to
discuss the multiplicity of demands on an urban
(5) A series of monographs might be produced on
various problems with case h is tories of the
different ways in which different cities have
dealt with the problem.
(6) Magazine articles should be sti mulated on
dramatic urban programs.

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