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Agenda Paper No. l
January 27, 1967

The needs of our urban areas have been emphasized with increas-
ing intensity during the past year. There has been a continuing recitation of
the ills of our cities. Concern for the cities has been expressed by many
groups. But there has been no molding of such groups to obtain a strong,
unified voice, urging a national commitment to meeting these needs. Business
groups, Civil rights organizations, labor, religious institutions, and repre-
sentatives of local governments have expressed concern individually. They
have not collectively expressed the need for a national commitment to
meeting the problems of the cities.

It is proposed that Urban America serve as a catalyst in bringing
these groups together. The focal point is, of course, the Mayors, who are
responsible for the administration of America's cities. It is proposed, there-
fore, that Urban America proceed to hold a series of meetings between repre-
sentatives of the component groups of an Urban Alliance and a representative
group from the Ad Hoc Committee of Mayors. These meetings would be for
the purpose of developing an agenda for a national commitment to our cities.

Concurrent with the holding of these preparatory meetings between
the Mayors and each of the prospective components in the Alliance, will be
the preparation of specific staff work, including:

1. a delineation of the magnitude of urban needs

2. a recitation of the extent to which cities have
increased expenditures to meet these needs

Agenda Paper No. 1
January 27, 1967
Page 2

3. a description of those administrative and organiza-
tional innovations that cities have adopted in order
to meet the increased demand for services

4. a statement on the importance, efficacy, and accom-
plishments of existing urban programs

5. a preliminary agenda paper outlining the basic
élements of-a national commitment.

Urban America proposes that it proceed immediately to the prepara-
tion of the staff papers and that it initiate meetings between the Mayors and
representatives of groups who will compose the Urban Alliance.

Urban America also proposes that another meeting of the Ad Hoc
Committee of Mayors be scheduled in early spring to review the proposed

agenda for the Urban Alliance and to approve the next phase of operation.

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