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Box 18, Folder 22, Document 5

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1717 Massachu setts Ave ., N.W.
Was hington, D.C. 20036
(202 ) 265-2224
January 20, 1967
Wil liam L. Slayton
Executive Vice President
The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
L--- ·· ···· ·
Dear Mr. Mayor:
In accordance with Mr. Stephen Currier's letter to you of
January 13, I am enclosing a copy of the minutes of the
January 9, 1967, meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee of
Our January 27 meeting is set for 12:30 p.m. in the Mount
Vernon Room of the Madison Hotel in Washington, D. C. I
should appreciate it very much if you or one of your staff
members would notify Mr. Ron Linton of our office by Tues day, January 24, as to whether or not you plan to attend.
If it is possible at this time, please also list the names
of the people who will accompany you.
Mr. James W. Rouse, president of The Rouse Company in
Baltimore, will serve as chairman of the meeting, representing Urban America.

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