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July 25, 1969
ATLANTA, GA. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404
R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive SecretMy
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaisor.
The Honorable George Romney
Secret.:1ry of the United States Department
of Housing and Urban Development
Washington, D. C.
_D ear Mr. Secretary:
In November, 1966, we be gan in Atlanta a concentrated effort to
stimulate the developn1ent of 16,800 units of low and moderate income
housing to provide safe and sanitary shelter for thousands of less
fortunatP citizens .
This effort, called "The Mayor's Housing Resources Program" was
supported by the U. S. Depart1nent of Housing and Urban Development,
private banks_, developers, churches, civic groups and individual
citizens at all level s .
This program has produced results. As of thi s date, 21,013 of the
five year goal of 16, 800 units have been completed, are under
construction, or in planning . The most r ece nt status report is
attached for y _o ur information.
Within the n ext few we eks , the single most significant developme nt
generated by our programs will be placed under construction. It is
the East Lake Meadows turnkey project, w hich is the lar ges t tu.rnkey
public housin g deve lopment in America with comprehensive community
Because of the significance of this undertaking and b ecause it embodies
so many of the aspects of community housing action whic h you so
magnificently support, all of u s in Atlanta - City Hall, the builders,
our housing officials, and citi zen s in general - f ee l that we want to share
the b eginnin g of thi s proj ect w ith you.
�Secretary Romney
Page Two
July 25, 1969
I have been asked to is sue you an official invitation from all of us to
inaugurate construction of this most important housing development for
poor people. If your schedule will permit you to come to Atlanta in the
next few weeks after August 21, we shall schedule the ceremonies for
your convenience. It would also give us the opportunity to show you some
of the operational components of Atlanta I s Model Cities program.
Highlights in the development of the East Lake Meadows Project w ill
give you some idea of its importance not only in relation to the solution
of urban problems of Atlanta but perhaps in other cities.
The land on which this project is located was once a golf course owned
by prominent conservative businessmen in Atlanta. They sold it to the
March Company, a private development company, and supported difficult
rezoning in an area which had hitherto had :i;io public housing. City
officials, local Housing Authority, and the Regional Housing Authority,
together with local business people, civic groups, communications media,
were all i11v olved. The project includes 800 living units, 150 for elderly,
shopping center, community and health facilities, city park, recreation areas
.,, ..... r1 ·t-1-,
r1,,d;,...,,t;,... .... ,-,f c:,-h,--,,..,1 c:it ,, c:.
An e xample of corn.rnu:nity
involves the four leading banks in Atlanta who formed a consortium to
finance the interim construction costs in an e ffort to assist in the solution
of Atlanta's housing problems for its low-income citizens. This development represents the highest type of coop e ration among city, business,
government interagency planning and implementation - a model community
Your presence here on this occasion, therefore, would serve to give
strength to the solution of the many difficult problems we still face in
Atlanta and to spotlight one of the landmark public housing developments
in America.
Those of us who are faced with the community level problems of l eadership
are thankful that you are in the crucial position at HUD.
Sincerely yours,
Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mr. Edward Baxter

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