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Apr i l 12 , 1967
Mr> . Cecil A. Al e:i<.&nder,, Chairma
Housing Resou~ces Committ e
Durin t he past s ever a l weeks I havo b come i ncrea ingly concerned over
pr egress (or perhaps lack of it ) bei ng made in get ting many of our propoG d low cost
hous ing pr oj cts off the ground . V r y f w have a ct ually made it. t hu far . Rec ntly
a t le st ei ht ( 8 ) devel op rs have talked with e serious l y abou l.t. Tbey a ra·, becoming apprehens ive about t h succes of t h progr am , unle s s s o ~ of t he cur~ nt
ugge ted withdr a ing f r o t he
ob tacles and roadblocks are r mov d and several hav
program ent i r ely .
port on probl em areas , r o ntly pr epared f or th Ex cut iv
Tho summary
Group m t ing of t h Hous i ng R s ourc s Committe , pril l G, t ends to bri ng t he probl em
into sharp f'ocu. Of l ~gi t i ma't pr which h vo l ady be n mad • 4900 unit a
i n j op rdy . The principal probl ems ar t he f ollowing :
l . Difficulty ror dev l op r in obt ining cuitabl l nd at pr>i c s
whi ch m k devel op nt of l ow cost hou ing economicall y fa ibl .
2. Const nt opposition by singl e family home own r to part nt
and co- op dev l o~m nts nywh r in t he general a
in which they l i ve .
3 . Li itation on avail. i.lity of its consider d" xc l l nt 11 by FHA ;
nd FHA '
con ervat is on · pproving sit
in p:roxi ity to
other approved itas , for far of luttin the ark tin uoh ar s .
of the Pl nnin Dep
to support n c
in cert in reae for which en r l pl ns h ve b en
eont mpl t d for otb r typ of d velopm nt in the f utlll'e .
5~ Opposition by ~AACP and local N
of additional low eo th u in
p do n t ly by N roe. Th
in FHA . Th
tre ly d tr
l -, in HUD to
which thy consid
hi is bin
ry eerioua nd c~itic l t g
l to the pro ra •
de or ,
occ-upi d
r fl et d
nd i
Diff iculty, polit ically , bee u of n i ghborho d obj ctions to get
ite f or lo cot housi •

rezoning of av 11 bi

�Mr. Cecil A. AleKandez,
Page 2.
One barometer of the aoriouoness of the problem is indicated by the decreas ing
number of housing units permitted in Atlanta in recent ye rs:
1963 - 9129;
1964 • 3829;
1965 - 2656;
1966 - 2382
Still another problem is the difficulty;
ith cu1•rent facilitLs , in kee ing
up with the program and timely fol low through on all proposed
February 20, we had. 59 knovm pt1oposal s .
It is virtually impos i bl
developm nts.
Today we have ?O and the number is incr asing .
under our present sy'tem fo~ one p rson, myself , to timely
fol l ow up on all proj ct,s as . clos&ly a
is desirabl
or e"'sential to insur
successful execution.
Furthennot-e, our Com ittee 9-n le have not t hus, far
Ke ping contact with them is a~F~ v·'job ~ithin its lf.
Q.OIV);t<J f'Y'I
s I am bocoming mor
and mor
current difficulty with HUD 1
I do not s...
how the City can fford to los on thi issu
atisf ctorily r solved at the loc l level, but will r qui
ntatiom:. from th
· yor directoto Wac;hington .
8 . lmpl m nt John Cherry '
suggestion of settin
p opl ( Realtor, financier~ Site Pl n r, Arehit ct, Build rand when
Nonprofit Spon .. r) . Thi i p'rh ps th
ug et the following :
n all out .effort b made to resolve th
r,oven v ry prcductiv •
I ~'
Consequently, as the program progr
of then c ssity for a change in procedure; and
pr . ot d by the .lAACP.
I doubt that it can be
E oh team could thus b
of key
• ·
L cifia
units to produc . Ten uch te m with assignment
to st rt with . Thia would produc unit (or on year ' s goal for the progra ).
Such proc dure would lso p rmit a pyr iding of dmini tration thro h th Hou i
R ource Committ e• in s unu:h s we could then d l vith only on@ sel cted indivi ual
(C ptain) of aeh te
This would lso automatically broad nth bas of responsibility
end ffo~t a ....
v r l k y peopl on each t
, rather than i avi
it all to
individual d v lo
oth rd v lop rs, of cour I would not be di
nd or
would be
for l ndln t
i tance and advic to them wb
1 ......
c. Initiat conaret
Corporation; with ·d qu te funds•
rel ere tion of
llou ing Dev lop nt
i sion imil 1• to th on in Phil d lphi •
D. Alo , an duo tion l pro N
bould be conduct d fo'f:'
(Board of Ald rmen and Plann1n · Do rd) to thoroug ly acqu int th 1
hou ing nd dv nt g
of th progr land with th
p ople th
•lv can help ~ath r th n hind r th
be dooe through lay gI"oup. Th Bo rd of Ald
th• p:robl
confrontina the Hou in Re~ourc
ia ion and their wbol heart d cooper tion
r: . A e~i~s
of cle r t lking 1
tr ight from th
re n eded •s tor quire nt and ob t cl
and radio pr s
d w
c •• Thi i v•ry uch in ord•~ now. (A typical ex pl f this
hearing A ril , ( #2-67~3 -G ) io hich petition to re
i th Zonin
20 ...a r
off .Brmme
ill Ro d fro

M-1 to A•l, t

er it con truct!on of 264 unit
�Mr. C cil A. Alexander
Pag J.
of 221 d ( 3) co-op sales housing was denied, over rulin the Joing Planning Board
recommend tion; because people in the general neighborhood apparently did not under ...
stand what was proposed and about a dozen p ople froo the area app ar din opposition
t the hearine. This oppo ition
led the rezoning and may cause the d ath of the

F. Re~oning is need d of substantial tracts of vacant Industri land low
density Residential land to hiBher density Residential, ith ce.rt in portions eaxarkcd for- low cost housing . In this conn ction 9 major pol.icy decisions at"e necessary
as to which is to have preference ; continuation of existing zoning in anticipation of
futur development , which may neve~ mat rialize. or making suitable locations now to eet the Cityis urgent need for low aost bousiug .. In thb conocction.
three specific pl nm. Collier Heights, Boulder P rk and the Peyton Road area , al l p rha.pG
well oonceiv d at the time they wero pr parod , constitute the majority of the open land
arc in t:he western pat-t of th City and most of it is currently reserved for in le
family development at ve~y low den ity. Tha aurrent n ds of th City fo~ high rd n ity
develop ent; require a roconGideration nd valu tion of thos pl n . The R-4 Zoning
in the hulk of t h S venth Ward, much of it open lan<.i, fo ooth r exampl.
R co
oon as pos ible.
~d th
procedures p:ropos din A -
above be pl c din
Ro p c1:fully,
Kalaollll D. Jons
Sup rvisor of Ins
ltDJ s o
yor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mr. Dan E. Sve t, Jr.
ction S rviceo
ffect as

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