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1204 KENESAW AVENUE =~ KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 37919 = (615) 588-2435

April 14, 1967

Mayor Ivan Allen

68 Mitchell Street S.W.
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen,

I am writing this letter to you as one of the developers for the proposed
low rent turnkey housing for your city and at the suggestion of Mr. Cecil
Alexander with whom I have discussed our problem or stalemate as it now

So that you might be able to more clearly uiew our position I will attempt
to give you a brief background: We and our real estate agents spent
many hours and days scouring Atlanta for the best possible sites from
September to November 1966, and we finally narrowed our findings to two;
one of which is the Skipper and Harwell Road site. In early November we
presented same to the Atlanta Housing Authority who together with the
Regional Housing Authority gave us approval for same per copy of letter
enclosed of November 21, 1966. I also wish to call to your attention the
fact that the regional officials together with the project planner from
HAA and two officials from Washington visited this site and all expressed
their approval of same.

Therefore, based on this approval, we proceeded to hire the firm of Good
and Goodstein, Architects, Knoxville, Tennessee, who have been the Archi-
tects for fifteen to twenty Low Rent Housing Projects in the past five
years, and therefore are cognizant of the requirements and procedures of
Low Rent Housing. The Architects, The Atlanta Housing Authority officials,
the Regional Authority officials and ourselves have had many meetings
during the past five and one half months in order to be able to present
our preliminary proposal which we did on March 30, 1967. We have all
worked together without any knowledge of there being any objection to the
proposed location. We have spent between $30,000.00 and $35,000.00 in
actual costs because we were assured that the property was approved by
everyone concerned and we have designed what we believe to be excellent
apartments costing nearly $20,000.00 per unit.



1204 KENESAW AVENUE =- KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 37919 - (615) 588-2435

April 14, 1967
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We truly are very distressed that the project is being held in abeyance as
we had set up a time schedule for the various phases set up in the "Turh-
key" program, one of which being the "letter of intent" phase wherein we
are then able to exercise our land option and this stoppage places our
land purchase in a predicament as well as our aforementioned costs.

We are aware of the great and urgent need for this housing by the City
of Atlanta and your desire to cooperate in every manner and we wanted you
to know to what extent we had gone in attempting to help solve this
housing shortage and of course we stand ready and willing to assist in
whatever manner you think we might be able.

Hoping that you will be able to solve this dilemna in the very near future.

Yi. | Glocstane

The Vector Company
MTG :ned

ec:M.B. Satterfield
Cecil Alexander


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