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Box 18, Folder 24, Document 15

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August 2., 1967
The Rev. C . A . Samples
Northwest Community Civic Forum
131 7 Westmoreland Circle, Room 451
Atlant , G orgia 30318
Dear Mr . Samples :
Th nk you for your letter of July 31 .
Chairman Sommerville and I do hope th t you will find time
to attend ou.r next meeting in September because I think th t there
will be many timely subjects to be di · cu sed. It is our intent to
keep all meetings on timely subjects and to encourage informal
discu slon.
To inform you what took place t the la t two committ e
meeting , lam enclo ing copie of our monthly newsletter .
You will note that t e chm eting th re la con ider bl di cue ion on the topic that were brought up. If you would like
to rec lv · this new letter monthly, I will be lad to put you on
the m lling li t.
When our September meetin t
cbeduledi I will end you
th notic w 11 in adv nee and again hope th t you will be able to
tt nd.
Sincerely your ,
William S. Howland
WSH: d
yor Allen, Jvf r. Sommerville

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