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August 2, 1967

The Rev. C. A. Samples

Northwest Community Civic Forum
1317 Westmoreland Circle, Room 451
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Dear Mr. Samples:
Thank you for your letter of July 31.

Chairman Sommerville and I do hope that you will find time
to attend our next meeting in September because I think that there
will be many timely subjects to be discussed. It is our intent to
keep all meetings on timely subjects and to encourage informal

To inform you what took place at the last two committee
meetings, Iam enclosing copies of our monthly newsletter.
You will note that at each meeting there is considerable dis-
cussion on the topics that were brought up. If you would like
to receive this newsletter monthly, I will be glad to put you on
the mailing list.

When our September meeting is scheduled, I will send you
the notice well in advance and again hope that you will be able to

Sincerely yours,

William S. Howland

enc, be
bee:"Mayor Allen, Mr. Sommerville

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