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January 5, 1967

Mr. John C, Wilson
Horne- Wilson, Inc.

163 Peters Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear John:

Information has reached me that since you have been elected

Vice President of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce you have had
to relinquish the chairmanship of the Chamber's Urban Renewal

Being mindful of all you have done to help the progress of our slum
clearance and redevelopment programs, I don't want the city to be
deprived of the benefit of your experience and thinking,

Accordingly, L invite you most cordially to become a member of
the Citizens Advisory Committee for Urban Renewal. Chairman
Bob Sommerville joins with me in the earnest hope that you will

be able to accept and continue the faithful attendance at its meetings
which you carried on ex-officio in your former chairmanship,


Ivan Allen, Jr.
IAJr.. bea

ecc,..-Mr. R. L. Sommerville
Mr, W. Ss. Howland

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