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September 27, 1967
Proposed Procedures to Assist the Low-income
Housing ..Pro grain
(Which Can Be Initiated Now)
The Mayor, assisted by the Chairman, Housing Resources Committee, to
explain to the members of the Board of Aldermen the seriousness of the current
situation and the need for the accelerated program, together with the principal
problems involved, and to urge their cooperation and assistance in carrying out the
Until such time as Public Housing facilities can be obtained and operated
by the Housine Authority in adjacent unincorporated areas, request the Housing
Authority to adopt the policy that applicants not be assigned to Public Housing
until after they have established legal residence within the City Limits of Atlanta
for at least one year.
A Non-profit Housing Development Corporation be formed as soon as possible
and provided with ample revolving funds (suggest at least $100,000 public funds
and $900,000 to be obtained through private loans) with which to acquire and ba.rL1<:
land, for ultimate dispositi on without prof it, f or development of low-income
housing and to otherwise participate in the low-income housing program.
The Planning Department to effect as soon as possible a comprehensive
revision of Zonin~ whereby amounts and locations of land zoned or qualified f or
rezoning for multi-family low-income housing will more adequat ely meet the City's
needs fo~ such housing .
rhe City to expedite applications for its future proposed Urban Renewal
Proj ects in order t o make additional l and availabl e for low-income housing, but
to execute redevelopment of such project areas on a section-by-section basis only ;
in order to minimize displacement at any one time.
Plunkettown and East Atlanta
would provide excel l ent lo cati ons , although Plunkettmm has previ ous l y been considered
primarily for industrial development.
Effort should be ·made to pro~ide f or
extension of low-income housing development .in Plunkettown, southwar-d into Clayton
County wher e th~ ma jor porti on of }he ~ea needi ng r ene1~al already _lies .
6. · Est ablish poli cy that det er mined effort be made to. l ocat e some 1011-i ncome
housing i n each Ward of the City, _recognizing that the bulk of such housing will of
necessity have to go i n areas where l and i s avail able at pri ces whi ch make l o.,i- income
housing devel opment economicall y feasible .
Aldermen i n r esp ective Wards to be ur:;ed
to work ~~th Plannin~ Depart ment, Housir.g Authority and Housini Resources Committee
. i n det ermining lo cati ons and numb er of , uni t s consi der ed appropriat e f or their '.-Tar d,
. . . . - ·-
'· - - - -----
7. The Hous ing Authority be reques ted to adopt a policy of trying to loca~e
a si zable porti on of i ts f uture Public Housing, Turnkey or otherwise, on small and
medium size d scattered tract s, rangeing from 4 to 200 units each, within general
ar eas of the City to be s el ected, in coordination between the Housing Authority,
Planning Department and Housing Resources Committee.
Establish a centrally located Housing Referral Service (to be operated
perhaps under E0A) to assist people in finding dwellings within their means,
particularly those people not displaced by government al acti on ai1d those who
cannot qualify, or will have difficulty in qualifying, for Public Housing.
service to utilize private enterprise housing to the fullest extent and to have
under its control a limited number of housing units which can be used for emergency
housing for not to exceed a 90 day period for any one family.
To encourage in any way possible greater interest by
developers in
constructi ~n of s i ngle family sales housing for those in the medium income
bracket; and r ehabili t ation by private .enterprise of existing housin~, under
221 (h) or otherwise, for rental purposes.
The City Building, Plumbing and Electrical Codes to be revised to permit
installation in certain designated areas of well designed prefabricated dwelling
units, using proven and gener ally accepted materials, as assemble d in the fact ories;
to be installed on minimum lot size of 5,000 square feet.
Provide tax incentives (if necessary through legislative action) substantially
as follows to builders and developers of low-income housing units which will rent
or sell in the privat e market in t he $45 to $65 per month range: utilities not
No. Bedrooms
Reri tal.·.or
Purchase Ran·::;e
1 Bedroom or Ef f iciency
$45.oo-s s.oo
Tax Abatement %
No. Years
2 Bedrooms
1st yrear
2nd year
3rd year
4th year
5th year
Same as above
Establish a positive and j.ntensive program (cla:5ses), through E0A or .other
source, in depres s ed areas of the City for education of low-income tenants in proper.
conservation (care and maintenanc~) of dwellings aJ?.d premises which they occupy.
The City to continue to acti vely work for reins t atement_ of the Rent
Supplement Procram, in substanti ally the same form as previ ously authorized •

- - -------,---
- -- - ------
-- -
-- - - - - - - - - - -
The Hous ing Author ~ty to take an active roll, both in the neighborhO:jas
involved and
politically, in sele ction of sites for Public Housin3 and in supyort
of rezoning petitions on sites considered suitable for Public Housing under the
Turnk ey program.
Sponsors of sites proposed for rezoning for the low-income housing program
to be encouraged by the Land-Use Control (Zoning) Division of the Planning Department
and t he Housing Resour ces Committee to seek and actively try to obtain general
neighborhoo d concurrence at least two weeks bef ore the rezoning signs are placed
on the property involved.
On all sites proposed for low-income housing, the Planning Department to
promptly determine t he adequacy of Community Facilities for the proposed development,
and prior to presentation to the Pla.l'liling Board; if inadequate, to coordinate
with Departments or Agencies involved with view to arranging for their adequacy
by the time the development is completed and occupied.
In the event such facilities
cannot be provided, to notify the Housing Resources Committ ee before the Planning
Board considers the proposal.
In order to assist the Planning Board and the Zoning Commit t ee, the
Housing Authority to submit to them writt en recom endati ons on all sites on
agendas proposed for r ezoni ng for Public HousinG; and the Housing Resources Cor.unittee
to submit recommenciations on all sites on agendas proposed for rezoning for lowincome housing under either the Turn.1<ey or 221 d ( 3) programs.
The Housing Authority be requested to expand its Public HousinG progr a111,
parti cularly leasing and purchase, into the adj acent unincorporated areas.

-- ·----

_____ ., --·-·
-. --
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