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October 17, 1967


Cecil A. Alexander, Architect, Chairman
Dr. Sanford S. Atwood, President, Emory Universtiy, Co-Chairman
Dr. Benjamin E, Mays, President Emeritus, Morehouse Colleze, Co-Chairman



Charles Weltner, Attorney

Donald Hollowell, Regional Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Honorable Inther Alverson, Judge, Fulton County Superior Court

Mr. Archer D. Smith III, Atorney, Harmon and Thackston

Mr. Norman L. Underwood, Attorney, Sanders, Hestor and Holley

Construction and Desirn

» Edwin Harrison, President, Georgia Institute of Technology, Chairman
Herman Russell, Contractor
Moreland Smith, Director of Urban Planning Project, Southern Regional
Council, Inc. Vice-Chairman
Rev. John A. Middleton, President, Morris Brown College
Henry F. Alexander, Builder
James Moore, President, Atlanta Labor Council

Finance and Non-Profit Funds

Dean Harding B. Younes, Atlanta University

Lee Burge, President, Retail Credit Chairman

Butler T. Henderson, Morehouse College

Mills B. Lane, Jr., President, Citizens and Southern National Bank
A. H. Sterne, President, The Trust Company of Georgia

Gordon Jones, President, The Fulton National Bank Vice-Chairman
Joseph Earle Birnie, President, The National Bank of Georgia

A. B. Padgett, Trust Officer, Trust Company of Georgia

Hamilton Douglas, Attorney

Rev. William Holmes Borders, Pastor, Wheat Street Baptist Church
Dr. Rufus Clement, President, Horne Wilson Company

Aloert Love, Executive Vice President, The McCall Corporation
Scott Houston, Jr., Executive Director, Wesley Woods Apartments
John Wilson, President, Horne-Wilson Company

Public Housing

Edwin L. Sterne, Chairman, Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta

Dr. Albert Manley, President, Spelman College

Leonard Reinch, President, Cox broadcasting Company

Clarence Coleman, Regional Director, National Urban Leagus Chairman
Charles FF. Palmer, President, Palmer, Inc.

Land Acquisition

W. L. Lee, President, Atlanta Gas Light Company
C. R. Yates, President, Yates-Milton Stores :
Dr. Vivian Henderson, President, Clark College Acting Chairman
Jim E. Land, Chief Engineer for Georgia, Southern Bell Telephone
& telegraph Co.
Mr. J. Aw Alston, President, Empire ®eal Estate Board, Alston Realty Co.
Mr. Stewart Wight, Wight, Couch & Ward, Atlanta Real Estate Board Representative

Social Problems

Duane Beck, Director, Community Council of the Atlanta Area, Inc.

Mr. Sujette Crank, Social Director, Neighborhood Services, E.0.A.

Dr. T. Johnson, Professor of Political Science, Morehouse College

Dean William Jackson, Atlanta University Chairman

Mr. Erwin Stevens, Chairman, Citizens Central Advisory Committee, E.0.A.
Mr. Lewis Cenker, Attorney

Business Participation

Virgil Milton, Retired Atlanta Group Manager, Sears, Roebuck & Company

EK. L. Simon, Auditor, Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Vice-Chairman

Harlee Branch, President, The Southern Company

C. A. "Art" Jenkins, Director of Industrial Relations, Lockheed

Rolland Maxwell, President, Davison's Department Stores

Public Information

James L. Townsend, Townsend and Associates

Public Information (continued)

Dale Clark, Director of Public Affairs, WAGA-TV Chairman
Ray Moore, News Director, WSB-TV
Jim Wood, News Director, WOAK Vice-Chairman


Tel. §22+h163, Ext. 130

Malcolm D. Jones, Director
W. W. Gates, Consultant
Mrs. Sharon Crawford, Secretary

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