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‘ This report June 28, '67 =
Comparison of this report with previous one dated June 28, 1967: Firm a = Selly

: Probable 1,179 2,965 Lost, this report 2,692
. In Sight B19 B209 " previous " 3,152
Being Considered 6,653 8,003 Total lost - ern

Doubtful 2,999 2,830

Total possible 175471 19,02

Proposed locations for low cost housing are being coordinated with the Planning Dept., for adequacy of Community Facilities, existing or proposed.

. Proposals are also reviewed periodically with the School Dept. for adequacy of school facilities.

The Foundation for Cooperative Housing, which developed Eastwych Village and Cambridge Square (both in DeKalb County), now has ‘fall time representative
in Atlanta and is seeking clients. Theyare sponsoring the 200 unit London Towne Houses development in Atlanta (Item F-5).

In view of difficulties encountered in zoning and getting other approvals on sites proposed for large multi-family developments, it is apparent that the
low-income housing program will have to lean heavily on Developers and Builders providing a substantial portion of the program on small scattered sites.
Thus far, )86 single family houses (Item F-12) and 1,665 units in duplexes and relatively small apartment developments, under conventional financing,
are in this category.

No proposal has yet been made for construction of units (even efficiency or 1 bedroom) to rent or sell for as low as $50.00 per monthe The City's
greatest need is in the $30.00 - $50.00 per month-rental purchase range.

Attorney Blackwell in Decatur has proposed a concrete 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,000 sq. ft. house which he clains can sell for $6,000, plus land costs, incl.-
heating and air conditioning equipment.

National Homes Corp. of Lafayette, Inc. placed on the market Feb. 1, 1967, « a 800 - 900 S.F. (0.S. dimensions) 3 bedroom, prefabricated, preassembled ~
panel, single family house plus a 96 S.F. (I.S. dimensions) storage building manufactured by Arrow Metal Products Corp, to sell under FHA 221 (d) (2).
Price includes plumbing, electrical, heating unit, stove & refrigerator. House can be completely assembled in 85 man hours; 53 of these (with
conventional plumbing) are being erected (pre-sold) in the Thomasville Urban Renewal Area. Approx. 800 sq. ft. house is priced at $12,200, 900 sae fte
house is priced at $12,600. Adrian Homes Corp. has proposed a prefab to retail for about $7,500 plus land, foundation, closing and possibly tapping fees
(See Item C-10 for others).

Saul Gray is a partner in a Corporation which owns 280 new units off Bankhead at vain Ste, which he wants to sell, + a potential development on the
site for 512 additional units. Area is already zoned A-l.

Rehabilitation by Housing Code Division of Building Department on Boulevard in Bedford-Pine U. R. Project (approximately 700 units involved) commenced
February 1. The U. R. project is still in survey and planning stage. A list is available in Housing Resources Committee office of 103 units on
Boulevard which the owners stated they wish to sell, rather than rehabilitate. This list has been made available to the H.A. and to a National
concern interested in developing a Rehabilitation Demonstration project in that area.

Ralph L, Dickey of Atlanta has proposed a non=profit revolving fund enterprise to acquire substandard housing, renovate it and resell, primarily
through private enterprise.

Information is welcomed as to changes, additions or deletions in material contained in this report. (Call 522-)))63, Ext. 30).

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