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Housing Resources Committee
Executive Group Meeting 10:00 a.m. September 12, 1967

Committee Rm. No. 2
Call to Order and General Comments - Chairman

Summary Report on Status of Low-income Housing Program - Jones

(a) Low-income Housing Requirements - Extract from CIP - Jones

(b) Action by HRC - Chairman

(a) Consideration of Land Suitably Zoned for Low-income Housing - Jones
(b) Discussion and Determination by HRC of Recommended Procedures

to Assist Program (for Joint Meeting with Planning and
Development Committee Sept. 29) - Chairman

Requests from Sponsors for Support on 3 Rezoning Petitions before
Zoning Committee - Jones

Accelerated Procedure = Multi-family Processing by FHA - Gates

5% Donation by Nonprofit Sponsors Proposed for Rent Supplement
Projects - Special Notice from Urban America

Panel Reports = Chairman

Other Business (Comments on Urban America Seminar) - Chairman

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