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Jlozey Aden

Room 120), City Hall
August 2h, 1967

Mr. Ivery Simmons, President
Simmons Construction Company
629 F Street, Ne We
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. Simmons:

Your letter of August 8, 1967 to Mayor Ivan Allen has been referred to this

We appreciate your interest in being willing to participate in rehabilitation
of substandard residential property in depressed neighborhoods, particularly your
proposal to hire unskilled and unemployed people living in these areas.

Atlanta is anticipating going into the execution phase soon on our large
Bedford-Pine Urban Renewal. project and hope to be selected as one of the cities to
participate in the Model City's program with an area of approximately 3,000 acres.
These projects have not yet been funded. We anticipate considerable rehabilitation
in each of these areas, however most of it will be done by the existing property
owners with Federal assistance in the form of grants and low interest loans.

Title to these properties will in general remain with the present owners.

There are other large areas in the City, however, with considerable substandard
property, both residential and commercial, with a considerable number of
individual structures being condemmed under the housing code. In the opinion of
this Committee these areas offer excellent opportunity for improvement under the
221 (h) rehabilitation program by nonprofit organizations or under the Builder-
Seller provisions of the 221 d (3) program.

If you should be interested in coming to Atlanta to look over the situation

firsthand with view te possible participation in our rehabilitation needs, I shall
be glad to arrange an appointment at a time that will be mutually agreeable.

Very truly yours,

Malcolm D. Jones
Supervisor of Inspection Services


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