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————. : CITY HALL ATLANTA, GA. 20303
Room ‘12 Cit
Ol, ? wy Hall Tel, 522-4465 Area Cote 404

August 2h, 1967 IVAN ALLEN, JR., MAYOR

R. EARL LANGERS, Adininestiative Assistant
MRS. ANN MW. MOSES, Executive Secretary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison

Dear Committee

fle wlexancer, who is out of the City, asked me to inform you
the cutive Group of ene Housing Resources Committee,

wen Exe Lore a vae

normaily schec i Thursday, September 7, will be held at 10:00 a.4. Tuesday,

Bepbeniber 12 rand e@ Room #2, Second Floor, City Hall. A brief report
antivitles of each Panel.

i members of the Land Panel :
i the meeting on September 12, which wil
to considerate oA veilable land in the City appropriately zoned
low-income housing davai cee ent (see attached material).

We hope to determine at the meeting recommendations for presentation
joint meeving with the Planning and Development Committee of the Board of sldermen,
previously requested by the Housing Resources Committee and now scheduled for

2:00 PeM. Friday, $ Sept tem der 15.6

I expect to have some specific proposals drafted for your consicerat
‘the September 12 meeting.

Both meetings are very ae in view of the Planning Department's current

study of the entire City in prep on for a comprehensive revision of the

City's Land Use Plan.

Please reserve 1 e dates on your calendar and plan to attend. A return
address postal enclosed for your convenience in letting us know whether
you will be able to attend the September 12 meeting.

Sincerely yours,

1 #

Malcolm D, Jones
Supervisor of Inspection Services

Memorandum dated Ausust 23 1967 pertaining to availability of land
for low-income housing (with enclosures).
Return address postal card.

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