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Preliminary Analysis
(Of Map Showing Vacant Land Zoned for Apartments)
It should be noted that vacant land is not incicated in ithe Poulder Park Plan area, annexcd Jan. 1, 1967.
There is a great deal of vacant land in this area.

Total land showm on map as vacant and zoned for apartinents. .« 2. 0 6 © se 6 © © © © ow ew et © Y82 acres

(Of this amount, that already committed to low income housing. . .. .« » « « « 125 acres)

(In addition, that already turned down or rejected. . . es 6 eo + ee eo © © « olee acres)

(Planied for GUHEF DEEL sw ewe ce Re ee OR ew ee ew 8 eee ee « SJE Beras)

Total shown not available. . . .278 acres
Balance which appears to be available. . . x20] acres

However, it is very likely, when checked out in the field, that a considerable portion of this amount will be
found to be not available or unsuitable (such as the 10 acre tract in LoL. 268, 17th District Fulton County which
cannot be used, although zoned, because of the nevd for a bridge across Sandy Creek to provide access.

Total acreage actually required for program (average density, 10 U/A). «6 « «© ++ 2 «© « « 1680 acres

Already commilttéds «% & se ke he ee 8 ew wee ee wwe eee eee « 6 @ 6125 Beres

Additional needede «0 + eo eee ee ee eee eee es ore ee ee eee ee oo os « 1565 acres

Ralance which appears to be available (from map) *20l acres. Only 1/3,however, is likely to . 68 acres
be ctually available to the program.

Additional minimum needed for actual construction of units (if rezoned when requested and. .1)97 acres
upon recommendation of Housins Resources Comnittee)

If re~zoned in advance of specific applications, three times this amount will be required,or.ll91 acres
There is no land in the large Boulder Park Plan area (1747 acres) shown zoned for apartments.
Only one tract (approx. lh A) in dekalb County portion of Atlanta is shown as vacani and zoned for apartments.

Only two tracts (approx. 11 A) in Uith District Formerly Payett (where there is great deal of vacant land)
is shown as vacant and zoned for apartments.

The inequitable distribution and inadequate amount of vacant lend zoned for apartients, as compared with other
uses, is strikingly obvious.

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