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April 20, 1967
Problem Areas

Location Program Principal Difficulty

256 West cof Holiywoed Read Turnkey} Opposed Ly Racial Relations Section of HUD in oe
< Pe
North of Frocter Creek te Housing Authority. Tentatively aenied by HAA
uEo Harwell Road ¢ h of Turnkey zoned A-l. Strongly epposed by NAACP in letter to Mayor
Ba iighway Allen, Tentatively denied by HAA

Pp 125 va Turnkey Zoned A-1, Site not acted on by HAA, Lecause cf objection

Rorth in: to the area by Intergroup Relations Section of hUD

156 East of Holly: 221 4d (3) FHA nas declined to approve.
u Experimental

262 Off Etheridge Drive East 4O4 Special Having difficulty in getting FHA approval.

Jackson Parkway or Turnkey

204 Eetween Hollywood Road and Turnkey or Re-zoned recently for low cost heusing ,rogram. Housing.

Gun Club Read, N.W. 221 2 3) | Authority not interested in site; FHA not sympathetic
toward it.

150 Between DeKalb Avenue and 221 ¢ (3) Zoned R-3, Planning Department is dubious about getting
NeLendon at Hampton Terr. Rent Supl. re-zoned.

100 West of Jackson Parkway 221 a (3) goneé R-5. Planning Department cool teward re-zoning.

North of Proctor Creek


1,760 Between Peyton Roac and Willis | Turnkey Zonec R-3. Planning Department is reluctant to get re-
Hill Road North of Utoy Creek {221 d (3) zonec. (iicusing Authority is e1.thusiastic abcut site)
221 d (2)
600 Fairburn Reac Norta of Turnkey or se required, Site not acted cn by h4éA because
holy Family Hospital 221. d (3) by Interg genus Relations Section of hUD to
in the Northwest,
C-22 175 Bankhead Hignway at Turnkey Site not acted on by HAA, because of objection to the area
Ozburn Road i! by Intergrcup Relations Section of HUD.



cee oTrres:


obiem Areas

Units Location Program Principal Difficulty
0-23 | 480 North of Brownsville Rd. Turnkey Zoned M-1. Site not acted on by HAA, because of
between Hollywood and objection to the area by Intergroup Relations Section
Bolton Rds. of HUD.
o-1 224 off Brownsmill Read south 221 d (3) Zoned ii-l. Objection from some residents of neighborhood,
of Oak Drive Co-op. Re-zoning denied April 17, by Board of Aldermen.
D-3 152 South Side Simpson Road 221 d (3) Strongly opposed by citizens residing in Collier Heights
East cf Hightower Road 7 in protests to Poard of Aldermen. Site is not in
Collicr Heights Plan Area.
D5 62 Weodbine at Boulevard Turnkey or | Housing Authority not interested in this site for
Drive 221 & (3) Turnke am FHA cocl toward it.
D-8 364 ff Boulder Park Drive 221 4 (3) Zoned R- 3, Planning Department is reluctant to heve
Southwest of Wildwood Lake Townhouses { rezoned Lecause not consistant with Eoulder Park Pian.
D=9 160 West of Moreland Avenue 221 4 (3) Rejected by FHA as not suitable site
South of Constitution Road, SE Co-op
B-10 | 280 Custer Avenue East of Chosewood Turnkey Planning Department anticipates strong opposition to
Park cevelopment of this tract for low cost housing.
D-11 4 250 221 d (3) Application on one site submitted to FHA and subsequently
360 withdrawn (apparently because of neighboriiood objection);
other application withheld (presumably for similar reason).
otel | 6504 Tuis constitutes approximately 2/3 of tne City's goal

for the first two years of the program. Developers who
were originally enthusiastic are becoming very discouraged
and some are suggesting quitting the program.

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