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Room 1204 City Hall February 23, 1967

Tel. 522-4463 Ext. 430
1. Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman of the City's newly formed Housing Resources
Committee, announced today that 59 separate low and medium cost projects have been
proposed, are in development or recently completed in Atlanta.

These include 3372 units in the Reasonably Firm category
4237 units, Probable

2489 units, Being Considered

1392 units, Doubtful

Total #11,490 units Proposed
This includes 1140 Public Housing units under construction and in planning, plus
144 units which are being leased a8. Public Housing.
In addition, 1654 existing units have been rehabilitated since October, 1966.
*Of this number,
1322 units are estimated to be available during 1967 (3578 short of goal).
and 5133 units are estimated to be available during 1968 (233 above goal)
Total 6455 units in sight (3345 short of combined goals for both years).
2% The Housing Resources Committee, constituted for the purpose of promoting and
assisting in development of low and medium cost housing, held its organizational meeting
at City Hall, on February 14 and is now fesariontos with 45 of its 48 members assigned

to panels specializing in hhe following fields:

Legal Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation
Construction and Design Secial Problems :
Financing Business Participatyjon

Non Profit Funds Public Information

Public Housing

36 In addition to Mr. Alexander as Chairman, Dr. Sanford S. Atwood, President of

Emory University, and Dr. Benjamin E., Mays, President of Morehouse College, are @o-Chairmen,
4e Me. Wm. W. Gates, former Chief Underwriter for FHA in Atlanta, serves as Special
Adviser to the Housing Resources Committee and will be available, by appointment, in

the Committee office, Room 1204 City Hall, to advise and assist Developers and Builders
interested in FHA programs.

5. Maleolm D, Jones, Supervisor of Inspection Services, Building Department, is serving
as City staff member and Director of the Committee. He acquaints Developers and Builders
with the program and assists them by coordinating with City Departments and other agencies
when needed, Mr, Jones would like to keep in touch with the status of development in

all proposed projects under this accelerated program; his telephone number is 522-4463,

Ext, 430,

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