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WHEREAS the peace and good or der of Atlanta were s hattered recently by the
s treet riot s in the Capitol Avenue and Boulevard areas of the city ; and
WHEREAS there exi s ted violence and r a cial tension that presented a potential
t hr eat to the entire community , and that did in fa ct involve the he i nous murder of a
Ne gro youth ; now
BE IT RESOLVED, That the Executive Committee of the Greater Atlanta Council of
Churches does hereby l ook with dis may upon s uch lawle s sness and deplore s uch needl ess
killing ; and
BE I T RESOLVED , That thi s Committee commend the Mayor of Atlant a for hi s prompt ,
courageous and effe ctive leaders hip i n controlling the violence and the restor i ng of
order ; t he policemen
empl oyed i n the civil st rife f or perfor mi ng t heir duti es
efficiently with due regard to the prote ction of life and pr opert y ; and the group of
respons i ble Negro leaders who a nswered t he call for a s sist ance from the Mayor and
we r e a ma jor for ce in turning the tide away f rom stri fe a nd choas .
BE I T FURTHER RESOLVED, That we r e cogniz e t he s ocial ill s which exis t in our
community and that we enco urage and support our civic a uthor ities in the i r expressed
de s ire to bring about a great er degree of human di gnity and opport unity for underprivileged element s of our popul ation ; that we urge proper regard for law and order
at all times ; that we give t hanks f or the climate of good will and brotherh~od which
in l ar ge measure has chara cterized Atlanta ; and that earnes t prayer be made for t he
love of God and the spir it of Chr i st to enter more f ully t he hearts of all our people
t o the end t hat better unders tanding exi st between the races and justice and r i ght eous
ness prevail i n our r elat i onshi ps one with another .
Adopted ~ ~<) 1 \q ~
Executive ~ , Greater Atlanta Council of Churches
16:36, 29 December 2017 (EST),
N ~ Signed:

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