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John S. J(night
The Atlanta Riot
T he recent riots in Atlanta
offer convincing e vidence that
most, if . not all, of the racial
violence in our large cities bas
been organized and led by a
smal l minority bent upo n the
destruction of our society.
My authority for this statement is Ralph McGill, publisher of the Atlanta Constitution, long a moving and militant force for equal treatment
of the N egro citizen as provided by law and the Constitution of the United States.
McGill places responsibility
for the Atlanta disturbances
squarely upon the Student NonViolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC, or SNICK) and its
I e a de r, Stokely Carmichael.
SNICK, according to McG ill,
has no more than 300 members. These have been the
agents of anarchy in Watts,
New York, Chicago and other
major cities .
Confere nce, a Negro organiza- ••
tion, denounced both SNICK ·
and Carmichael, while calling
for constructive measures designed to alleviate problems
which directly concern the
SNICK'S begin nin g were
more auspicious. lts earl y stuD
K ing,
dent leaders were motivated by
high dedication to the civil president Roy Wilkins of the
rights cause. Now the John NAACP and Whitney Young
Lewises and other responsibles who heads the Urban League
are out. Control of SNICK is have all repudiated Stokely
held by the extreme radicals, Carmichael and his tactics.
of whom Car michael is the
ATLANTA has long enjoyed
dominating figu re.
an enviable reputation for raAs McGill says, SN ICK is cial amity. Ironically, it was
no longer a civil J ights organi- Atlanta's splendid image that
zation but an anarchistic group the destroyers sought to tar- •
which is openly and officially ni h.
committed to the destruction of
And yet, unwittingly, Stoke- •
ex isting institutions.
ly Carmichael and his followers ·
Though small in member- performed a useful service not • •
ship, SNICK appeals to all bat- only for Atlanta but for the • ·
ers of the white man. Its slo- entire nation.
ga ns of defiance int rigue the
For here was stripped away
very young, as was shown in
myth that Negroes are alAtlanta, where the mob was
largely composed of youngsters ways incited to riot over poor ~- ·
living conditions, Jack of emin the 12- to 18-age range.
ployment and denial of civil
THERE .APPEARS to be rights.
no question bu t that SN)CK'S
Carmichael has now refund~ are supplied
frQm vealed himself for what he is '
abroad . O ne of it~ lawyers is a - a cheming fomenter of disreg i tercd Castro age nt. Its order, a mad dog who attacks ,
ag ita tors ' sho ut Hava na sloga ns all whites indi criminately, a
to the effect that we musl revolutionist who seeks to burn
live th ro ugh violence. " Black·
and destroy, a terrorist who
Power·· is but the ra ll ying cry.
defies law and spits upon our
Fortu nately for Atlanta, it flag.
has a mayor who confronted
THE RIGHT peaceably to
the mob with rare courage.
Though physically manhandled assemble is guaranteed by the . ·
and taun ted with shouts of Bill of Rights, as is the free"white devil," Mayor Ivan dom to demonstrate and to
Allen J r., remained upon the seek redress of grievances.
scene until the crowd bad been
Together and in a spirit of
constructive co-operation, the
Mayor Allen gave short Negro and white communities '
shrift to charges of police bru- must find solutions and an- ·
tality. "I saw plenty of brutal- swers to the problem wh ich
ity," he said. "but it was all beset our cities. For they are
directed against pol ice offi. hoth numerous and difficult.
cers." At his press conference,
A major start has been
Mayor Allen ~tated that "i f made in many area . Where
Stokely Carmichael is looking fa ilures have occurred, the Nefor a battleground, he has cre- gro is usually as much at fault
ated one, and he will be met in as his white brother.
whatever situation he choose ."
But the effort must 80 ahead
Atlanta's egro community if we are to enJoy the fruits of
leaders were quick to decry a compatible society in which
the rioting and violence. The there is mutuality of purpose
tlanta Summit I eader. hip and re pect for all .

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