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To implement some of the key recommendations in the Advisory Comission on
Intergovermment al Relations Report, the Commission, which basically adopted a ataff
repert, recommends that the state enact legislation authorizing and directing a
state agency to prepare and promlgate 2 comprehensive model building code with a
products approval procedure and permicsive adoption by local subdivisions, The

a@geney and should establish en appellant body to hear appeals from decisions of
adepting lecal jurisdictions on the application of the code.

The matter of state building codes is @ concern to municipal governments and
model code organizations throughout the nation. 1, personally, feel that a building
code can be administered and enforced at the local level ander metropolitan juris-
diction better than at the state level. Lecal governing bodies can amend a code
consistent vith new, recognised standards at semi-monthly meetings. Appeals can
be considered bafore & locsl eppeats boacd with far greater efficiency. All states
do wot have the sone political situation; 89% of the building coastivction in sens
states is in tho metropoliten axea, therefore, a metropolitan building code would be
proper. Im other states there are several municipalities semewhat of the same size
where « state code would function properly. I, personally, feel that a metropolitan
code commission is the answer to uniformity in building codes and that permissive
adoption of a state code would unnecessarily create duplication and confusion with

wmumicipal codes in that the building official would be pressured to approve construction

in a thriving metropolitan area based on a miniwm state code considered appropriate
im some rural community.

Grete tegistenewes that eeukliy nest éuce 9 year ave connecnsé with astters of
budgets, roads, sanppectionment, ote; there te tittle thus or seneern fet spdening &



August Iseue - Page 2

building code at a legislative session.

r * “:; * & w e % oe * Ps ay

—ciagpatn te Worth Carolina BOA for a successful meeting in Gastonia and to
SBCG for a auccessful Geode Changes Meeting in B'ilam.....0ur best to John Behrens
of Fresno, Pres. ICBO; Fred Davis of Garden City and Joseph Bartell of Prince Georges
County, new menbers of the BOCA Executive Board.

Hello to Borman Beckman, Assistant Director ef the Advisory Board, as he hails a
cab in Frisce’s Chinatown for pilgrimage back to Dulles and to Gene Quinlan, proverbial
Mayor of Scully Square - come, let us reason together.

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