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A Cause -For Anger
MAYOR Ivan Allen· Jr. of Atlanta is
one of the new breed of Soutnern political
leaders who seeks equal justice fo r all under the law. He has helped earn his community a repu ta ti on .for enligh tened handling of racial matters.
The mayor is angry. No t because he
was tumbled in the dust by a mob he was
trying to calm. He is angry because, he
says, the riot was egged on by a group
which calls itself non-violent.
There is substance in what the mayor
says. A sound truck manned by members
of t he Student Nonviolent Coordinating
Committee was rushed to the area of tension where police and taunt ing Negroes
faced each other. Over the loudspeaker
SNCC denounced ~racist police" and ext olled "black power."
In the ensuing violence 16 persons were
injured. Between 60 and 70 were arrested.
More moderate Negro leadership is
critical of SNCC's tactics. One Atlanta
minister said t he situation was under control before the "nonviolen t" ones arrived.
"They whipped them up with hate," said
t'he minister.
Others, including the Squthern Chr istian Leadership Conference, condemned
t he violence.
In these times of tension and unres t , no
community can afford t o point a fing"'r a t
another or close its eyes to its own shortcomings. The sit uation in Atlanta, how-
,ii Atlanta
ever, shows how easily violence can be
created ·by irresponsible agent s and how
seriously it can affect t he patient, dedicated search for sol utions by individuals of
both races.
May or Allen has cause to be angry and
so have those in Atlanta and elsewhere
who know that violence can only destroy.

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