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Negroes Hurl Bricks ©
in Atlanta Violence

Toughs Ignore Leaders, Take to Streets
for Third Straight Night of Disturbances


_ Times Staff Writer

ATLANTA. — Violence -

erupted here Monday in a
Negro district for the

third straight night, de-
spite pleas for nonviolence

_ by civil rights leaders.
Young Negro »toughs

poured out of a church”

meeting addressed by
Dr..Martin Luther King's
Southern Christian Lead-
ership Conference and be-
gan throwing rocks, bricks
and other objects at news-
men and whites passing in

Latge numbers of police
rushed into the area and

wo. off.
Officials of the SCLC
conferred with several
members of the Student
Nonviolent Coordinating
Committee earlier, appar-
ently trying to entlist their
help in easing tensions.
“City officials have ac-
eused SNCC of provoking
violence last Tuesday in
one Negro area and of ag-

grivating the trouble that
has rocked Boulevard, a
main thoroughfare, since
the fatal shooting of a Ne-

a alle: Cea eeie denti


Societe of the Atlanta
Summit Leadership Con-
ference, a group of civil
rights leaders, said Dr.
King's SCLC has a policy
of not conducting demon-
strations unless requested
to do so by local Negro

Mr. Williams, a member
of the SCLC board and
president of the Atlanta
chapter of the NAACP,
said Negro leaders "have
not requested and do not
expect to request" demon-

He said the summit con-
ference is not opposed to
"though we feel they
should not be done need-

Aide Contradicted

Hosea Williams, a King
aide who was arrested and
charged with creating a
disturbance during Satur-
day night's. disorders, had
called for massive demon-
strations to "turn this
town upside down."

The Rev. Sam Williams
dismissed the King aide as

"just a hired hand" who
nnn OUT

N egroes and declared:

gun in Atlanta.”

sn ac; “

wali. | oo. @y

"Mayor Allen is nothing got to stop that eracker be-
*Mayor Allen>is-the top but .a George Wallace," f f

Ricks. shouted, "and we've

fore every one of us is

* Los Angeles Times -

TUES., SEPT. 13,01966—-Part 25


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