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SEPTEMBER 14, 1966
.The Uses · of Black Power
Dr. Martin Lu '. her King, . J r., the The bill's chances, never really strong,
civil-r ights movement 's chief apostle are clearly diminished by Atlanta 's
of nonviolence, was busy in Atlanta tragic news.
this week seeking a way to calm a
News of racial violence elsewhere is
situation that has broken into riots
other harm, too. Civil-rights
several times in recent days.
report a drop-off in contribuDr. King's consider able talents could
be put to much better use elsewhere. tions t o finance their constructive
Atlanta already has an enviable record work. Political candidates in several
of progress with civil rights , not only areas-not just the South- have been
among southern cities but in the na- reaching for the "white backlash," hoption as a whole. Yet it is now the ing to r ide it into office wi th an im scene of an ugly struggle for control, plied pledge to do less, not more, for
pitting Dr . Ki ng and hi s moderate Negroes. And as William S. Whi te
Southern Christian Leadership follow- r eported on this page the other day,
ers against a more r adical civil-rights fears of gangster ties wi th some of the
wing led by Stokely Carmichael a nd r igh ts groups is causing f ur ther disthe so-called Student Nonviolent Co- . enchantmen t.
The setback bei ng ha nded t he civilordinating Committee.
The Carmichael group, with its cry r igh ts movement is so obvious that
oi "b1ack power," is giving that vague one wonders if the lu re of publ icity, t he
term its worst possible meaning. F an- thrill of the limeligh t, a nd th e heat
ning emotions to the poin t of des troy- .of the fray a ren't more important to
ing property and injuri ng people is a this radical fri nge than Negro adfar cry from the ballot-box power a nd vancement. Dr. King and other vetthe marketplace power the American eran leaders, Negro and wh ite, have a
Negro can use legitima tely to help good deal more to show for their less
himseli. Yet destruction is the turn fiery efforts. The progress of many
the " black power" movement took in Negroes, of course, increases the frusAtlan ta with Mr. Carmichael's en - tration of those who have been bycouragement. And the damage goes passed so far. But the r igh ts movefar beyond a few broken windows.
ment will pick up momentum again
A critical vote takes place in the when Negroes by and large repudiate
U. S. Sena te today on ending a fili bus- the wild-eyed revolu tionaries and supter against a civil-rights bill that in- port -with sensible, reasoned "black
cludes the fair-housing prov1s1on power,"- tho e leaders who can use
sought fervently by Negro leaders. power effectively on their behalf.

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