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Civil Rights and Soundnees
J. I'.erpebnan, a
JanltitM courtroom champion
fJf atYil riahu, may rep~smt
no trend in his opposition now
le any funher enensi.on of
civil ri,tlts to Negr~ . Hu action could focus the iact that
U. "trend in civil rights
1W19111 dearv, more widespread
llr. ~Iman is a Baltlaore lawyer who lives in
radally mtearated neipborboed; ii utufied still to send
t>is children to an int.ecrated
acbool. He ii a IDn1-time mem•
ff h
NAACP and has
amp.....-S for able Negro
c:aaa~ for lo-::al orrice. He
.. dtatarbed now ovu the wtJ .
...,._. of some Baltimore Ne1ro leaders to threaten a
Watu riot" ~re u a l~er
tlJ ~ about mo~ racial ad. . . . , That, of coarse, goe1
...,._. demonmaUons, which
civl ri.thta Nraden cootrol, t.o
.dolal mob action in which
jtAa::.ulttdNI and t!'Vell kill-
-- J9 - ~
for police
•4irmci" in the civil
mo.-emeont ta Cb"tea mis....-.tood. primarily b«;use
a bu 10 often been mi&ltated.

The ddiant aelft1atiGDl,lu caB
all demondtadmu "mobs,,.
when, in fact, demonstntiona 1
led by auch men as Martin/
Luther Kine, have never included rock and botUe throwing and propeM)' deatructiGl
which \1 what makes a demonstration a "mob." Yet aome
of. the ~v. Mr. 1C.1n1'1 field
worke~ven here in North
Carolint-have been observed
opmly playing loose with the
truth ln tryq to whip up milllance and emotional ill will.
They have at times gone ~
yond the troth of the racial unfa imess which exists. creatin1
passions which only racial advantage . not ncial taiineu,
would be required to redress.
The "trend" in civil right,
can be what a.uybody can persuade a 1ipiiticant number of
,PeOPff to beline. Mr. K.erpelman b.u done hu ahare el the
peraW1cilnl, and DO douk in'9nd.i to cootbrue.
oostraift that in bi1 dtJ he
means to retnain an ,-nd
1round effll ff tor a ...._ the
civil riehta movem• thera
doesn't. He aeta ~ ,CMII example !or everyone in 1/ny 00lll!a
, · 'f""1'

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