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STRE ET STRIFE-An Atlanta policeman on the roof or a police car at right as be
nrearing a gasmask carries two children to attempts to disperse the angry crowd that
safety fr~ m a Negro home filled "ith tear· gathered to protest a policeman's shooting
gas, at left, while :Wayor"JniJ
tan -.....;a
• ;.__
f •::.;;
~ t~;n~ t~h;;_.
e ;;_.
th__,r__t __,r__,__n~a.,
'. = =>I
ATLAl'iTA- From Al
Police Rout
1000 Rioters
In A.tlanta
onto the vehicle, apparenl~y
The rioters calmed down
momentarily, but the disturbance started lo spread again
when a Negro man leaped
atop another car and joined
Allen in his Plea for peace.
About 15 Negroes pulled the
Negro down and beat him .
It was then that Allen ordered the crowd dispersed.
"Tear all the houses down if
necessary," said the usually
mild-spoken Mayor. "I want
the people dispersed . Tear the
place up."
Allen gave the order calmly
and without show of anger.
One police car was overturned at the height of the
melec, and two others were
badly damaged. The rioters
also tried, hut failed. to overun1trd Preu Intemauonal
turn two police paddy wagons
SAVED- I\ Y.ecplng mother holds her child after pohce
The Negro car thefl suspect,
rescued hve youngsters from a te11rgas fi lled home
~~f!:c:,rre~;sto143.215.248.55 16:37, 29 December 2017 (EST)fir~J 1
during a brief outbreak of violence 1n Atlanta
H arold Prat.her, 25, Police·
said they opened fire when leaders and has worked to and SC\"Cn other r.cgro min:: 16:37, 29 December 2017 (EST) t~ehdalt nd ignored a play down racial incidents. islers approached ~ lien after
Although hil twice, Prather Atlanta's schools were to· the riot and promised to col· ,
made it to his home and when tally i ntegr at e d. Business lect grie\'ances and discuss
police attempted to arrest him houses have many Negro em- them with Allen.
they foun d the way blocked by µloyes. City facilities are to- The Rev. Martin Luther
~~:~~/~~:e;~:e; ~:l~r ~tit::e~ 5Tt~\~~t~tl~~!
forcements were summ?ned. Jcgislafure. g
Later, Stoke;y Carm1chael, Only this morning, the prochairman of SNCC, announced gressive Mayor had welcomed
that _ther~ would be a d~m~n- carmicliaeJ and about 20 or
st ration m the ~egro district his supporters into his offi ce
to Pro t es I the arrest of for a conference. They came
to protest alleged police bruThe cro\•·d started gather- tallity to SNCC members in
in 1; ¥'hen ,a S.'!CC sound truck the city jail.
entered the area. Officers took The Rev. W. Clyde Williams
the two m2n manning
truck into custody and charged
them wi th operating the truck
without a permit. The crowd 1
tipped over the police cruiser
and tri ed to overturn the
Up until th is point, only 50 1
Negro officers had !iren on
the scenr, but 50 morp pol:re11ien wt!n• ~uinmoned, Including 30 Negro and 20 white
The presence or white om
cers incen!IPd the youths, who
began shouting "Kill the
white bastards, kOI the white
It was at this i>oint that
~Iayor Allen arrived and tried
to reason with the mob, but
he was shouted down
Following thP riot, Allen
held a street corner news conference and vol'.erl that police
~ing Sr., father ~f the ~ahona lly · known mt~grabon
leader who makes his home
in Atlanta: urged Negroes to
stay in their homes.
"Noth ing can be ga ined by
this," he Warned . "Whal do
they want? The I\Jayor came
down. He tried to speak to
them. TbeYwouldn't listen .
What do they want?
thP:,------~- ~- ~-~-----=
would kec.p the
' 1 by he c-amp to
the 5i.:cne personally, the Mayor replied;
·'J am concerned with the
problems of Atlanta. Any
and I would welcome an ·opportunity to ta!k.
Allrn can take much of the
(·n•dil for \tlanta'1 previou~
racial Pt'arl"' and has h11d almo:,;t 1-c'llid \egro i;upport at
thl' poll HI.' wa:1 one> of the
fo\ South(·J nl·rs to t sll v for
the 19ti4 el\ 11 ri ht~ b1 1.· Ht
further mtcgr.itr.d the i\.tlnnta
police fortl"
onal co11fc
He hit.~ held J)t'f
wit' \:esro
�I 000 Riot After Arrest in Atlanta;
Mayor _Is,Felled Pleading With Mob


By Ann Mohr ,
ATLANTA, Sept. 6 (UPI)
Police routed about .1000 rioting Negroes with tear gas and
warning shotgun blasts today
after they attacked officers with
rocks and bottles and knocked
the mayor, who was pleading
for peace, t o t he ground.
Officers chased the fleeing

'legroes down side streets, hur ling tear gas canisters at their

At !'east 25 persons were ar-
rested and nine injured, including fi ve Negro children in a
t ear-gassed building and a white
t h n h" f th .,
oy cu w e
IS a er s car
was stoned.
The outburst was touched off
after police wounded a Negro
suspected, of car theft .
Leaders of the militant Student Nonviolent Coordinating
Committee were in the forefront of the rnelee.
State troopers and all offduty city policemen were
summoned to help deal with
the racial outburst- the worst
this progressive Southern city
has experienced in moder n
Mayor Ivan Allen J r. climbed
atop a car in the r iot-torn
Negro district to try and reason with the crowd, but was
greeted with taun ts of "white
devil" and "black power."
The Mayor was finally toppled from his perch when the
crowd surged against the car,
knocking him off. He landed
in a kneeling position on the
pavement, but climbed back
See ATllANTA:, :A3, Ool. 1
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