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Sunday, Sept. 11, 1966
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SNCC Is LQsing Support of Atlanta Negroes
By Rober t E. Baker
Washi.J:lgton Post Stat! Wri ter
ATLANTA, Sept. 10-This
was the week that Atlanta
declared unconditional. war
on the Studen t Nonviole nt
Coordinating Committee. By
t he end of t he week, Black
Power, SNCC style, was reeling from the assault.
s GC's leader was in jail.
The Mayor was a hero. The
p olice force was riding a
wave of praise. ·egroes were
r evolting against SNCC's
br and of r evolt and
threate nin g SNCC with violence.
"A n ational conspiracy t o
d est:roy us," cried s JCC.
This f irst battle was a defeat for s cc. But it was a
ba.t Ue and not th i~ r~
The spark that set off the
war came last Tuesday, the
d ay after Labor Day, with a
white-cop an d ' egro-suspect
inciden t, the same kin d of
spark that has set off a
score of riots in Nor the rn
ci ties over the pa t fe w summers.
But Atlan ta's riot was differe nt. It was . maller by far
than th e Watts and Harlem
riots . • ' o looting, no shootl ng, no l\1olotov cocktails.
And Mayol" I va n llen Jr,
a South ern liberal, we nt to
t he scen e and mixed with
the crowd, trying to talk to
angry people. The police •
u sed no firearms, wielded no
bi.lly clubs.
And u nlike t he orth e rn
riots, whe re agitators arc
generally blamed but unn amed, .\tla nta put the
fi nger of blame on Stokely
Carmichael a nd his wild
signs of i mage-smashing. It
and white, this was a misprone little b and of racists."
had changed its own image.
The Summit · Leadership take in tactics, fearing it
may provide a cloak of m ar No longer was it t he idealConference of Negro leaders
itrrdom for Carmichael. To
istic integrated youth movehere warned Negroes to official Atlanta, t his was a
m ent struggling to change
"r efrain from cooperating gamble worth taking.
society's i nstitutions to let
SNCC vowed to fight on.
with those who would make
t he Negro in. Now it is .,.

vou the tools and victims of Said i<ts Cleveland sellers:

"The only way this country
virtually all black, wit h a
kill SNCC is to kill all
Black Power; s logan, apparSNCC was on t he run. In black p eople."
ently convinced that soVine City, a SNCC storage
White liberals, SNCC's
ciety's insti tu tions must be
center with i ts p amphlets on avowed e nemy n ow, began
Black P ower, Vietnam a nd pointi ng out that, after all,
brought to earth a nd rebuilt,
police brutality was burned SNCC was not responsible
a nd that each concession by
after calls by Negroes threat- for bad housing, crowded
the whites only delays t he
ening to burn t hem out.
schools, inadequate job opd ay.
In Summerhill, where t he portunities and the fact that
I n July, a SNCC sound
Atlant a leadership seems to
for med "G ood Neighbor respon d only to cr ises.
truck tou red t he Vine City
Clubs" and people there oor e
slum area where Hector
"Only by our own default
up SNCC p a mphlets a n d
Photos by UPI and AP
Black, a white, Harva rd-edut hrew them back at t he will any outside group gai n
cated um worker , has a folcontrol of t he destiny of AtI VAN ALLEN
SNCC workers.
lowing of Negro poor, blar.. . Atlanta Mayor d\!clares war on SNCC
Car mich ael talked back a t lanta," said t he Atlant a
i ng : "Wh at h as your white
' a street rally on Thursday : Cou ncil on Human RelaJ esus don e for you today?"
" aci Mayo Ivan Allen is tions.
In a p tt
wagon. :Al
In August, Carmichael led ten other S NCC workers arSo Atlanta, al-1 out 1,o d
framing the black p eople of
a Negro crowd Uiat sur- rived with a s ound truck.
feat Carmichael and S NCC,
involved. Three police cars
rou nded a policeman 'issu ing
was beginning to take anSpeakers h arangued the were damaged, a dozen per- agai nst the bestiality of a
a traffic ticket to an Alao t her look at itself and t h e
~ons were injured and police
bama SNCC worker.
conditions that made a r iot
police department . . ."
S NCC workers stormed Power and ch arges of police fired tear gas before calm
t he Atlanta Ar my Induction brutality. One speaker said was r estored.
gathered around. It a ppeared .,......__,.__------------ 11,
Center to protest t he war in a white cop had murdered a
Mayor Allen and Police SNCC had suffered its great·
hlack brother. Another · said Chief Herbert Jenkins im- est defeait.
mediately said Carmichael
"T he Viet Cong nev'er t he Negro was shot whi.).e h e
But A t 1 an t a
called me nigger," said one had h is hands h eld up high. and SNCC were responsible. t hrough. J ust before mid·
veteran of the w ar.
Anotller said h e was shot Ne a r 1 y everybody else nigh t Thursday, police ar·
joined in.
Last Tuesday, after police- while handcuffed .
r e ted Car mich ael at his of·
m en wounded a egro who
A Negro policeman on
Eugene Patterson, editor fice and charged him with
they said was a fleeing car- du ty at the scene arrested of the Atlan ta Constit ution inciting a riot and creatin
t heft suspect, Carmichael William Ware, a SNCC
and member of the U.S. a disturbance. He was haule
was asked to organize a pro- speaker, and the r iot began Civil Rights Commission, off tJo jail.
test demonstration. He and .is ware Was being hustled called SNCC a " violenceTo many Atlantans,
--- ---------- ------------ --- - -------------- - - :::::::.:.-:..--=~
' · ' ··
�A·nd ""i7nlike the
"";"rthe rn
riots, where agitators are
generally blamed but unnamed, Atlanta . put t he
finger of blame on Stokely ,
Carmichael and his wild
SNCC crew who were on
the scene as big as life.
The showdown between
Atlanta and SNCC was
bound to come. Atlanta is
obsessed with. its image of
progress and SNCC is obsessed with smashing images.
That Atlanta is a city of
comparative racial progress
cannot be doubted. Such
progress has been hammered ou,t by its white
power structure and its
Negro leadership, operating
through the Summit Leadership Cpnferehce coalition.
The city sends racial
liberals, by aJl Southern
and most
orthern standards, to Congress. Its Negroes vote. Integrated high
school football games are
played without. incident.
com mu nit y
F ourteen
schools for poor people are
operating at night. Atlanta's antipoverty program
has been praised as a
For a quarter of a century, the mayors of Atlanta- first Willlam Hartsfield and now Ivan Allenhave been moderate to liberal, racially. Mayor Allen
supported the 1964 Civil
Rights Act and now supports the 1966 one.
Allen has a nearly daily
habit of riding to work by
way of Atlanta's slums,
pockets of shacks, and
harassing his department
heads to clean up streets.
He had a tudy made of all
available Federal aid and
goes after every penny he
can get.
Yet there is another side
to Atlanta. Racial progress
at t imes has been grudging.
Eight Atlanta hospitals are
under a Federal ul timatum
t o stop discrimination by
next Thursday or face withdrawa l of Federal funds.
Allen and Atlanta were
able to swiftly clear a slum
and huild an $18 million
municipal stadium for the
baseball Braves and football
Falcons to clinch the status
of a Big League city, but
don't seem able to clear
other slums and provide decent housing as swiftly or
with the same determination.
For all its progress and
shining image, Atlanta hasn't
been able to reach down yet
t o the poor Negro who, as in
other cities, has poor housing, poor jobs if jobs at all,
and poor schools.
SNCC had been showing

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