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Ae Lit po Wa fac So Co, Kien a
Soe A phe g ( ae ‘s

dca gag:

ii ts Bhd ince brniig kee,

fra. ggecngs righ bas See pees om

Se pA Mca gen
‘ seen Whale dome
4 2 i ae Me if
: ca el Lehi hick Laigfgite
a Le hh — Word F lel la
pe a ia i
a Bach poor typ
Seat I tic Sie Bi, aden Baek ie
act toape Atel dl Thee,
Bel pen, ee recon Le
eo eeae : 4
hs a i T 0 Hor, Jie

jak be
Se re

Cae. FWA tre Pree tek Gh he yr
be | bey inthe fee

a ed acer “bi mar bel Shae Sao

A ood Haut nid the wits as
(ly, 9 Us Sylon

i sen Lh iA tadeou eal

Rees tf 7% tp wat Che fate
deudt wont Bi big Mere moet
Ont 2eh ind Lal Lhe Fuge

/ mate
Leek Bi fits los js

on bed, Af tes

= delle ie oe ‘ft Teoontenk,
regplt de Lela

Oh d OO Tyla tape nt 4

thrid: Tasearey Lewanet Lf Aine)
awd, Ain fe fo Gach } = ii
“inthe Ee

Gu ae
Caimresédl ts ag Niet pe
dau ned gharad fp #4.

fay er ch elie ae fede aie

Tul Wieirns ort You io Weir tds

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