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Box 18, Folder 30, Document 48

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'J.7 Ad ams St .
Saa Cliff, Now York
Sapt . 7, 1966
Ron . I va n Al l en, J r .
Oity Ha ll
Atl nta, Ge or gia
1y dear
ayor A. 11 n :
W were i nt re etod to se th s hots of y oura l f
handlin g the riot in Atlanta, on the TV thia evoning .
You may be ussur ed that mi l lions of poople in the North
ympathiz e with y our problom in ttem~ting t o b tt r th
c ondition of the und erpr i vileged. -- whil your effort
are hams trung by th pr ofes s ional tr oubl&- mak r and
prov ocat urs dho delib rat ly inQi te t o riot un d r
the oloe.k of 11 prora oting civil ri ~hts . 11
As you stat ed i n your oommenta, there is no exc uae
what.s o ver for any gr ou pa of p op l t o riot in our
etr et , and it i s t o be hop ed that you will aontinu
to d a l with any a uoh att mpta with a firm hand.
With al l
ood wi shes, I
We iss

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