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Box 18, Folder 30, Document 53

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Se nt. 7, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.
Atlanta, @a.
Dear Mayor Allen:
Let me congratulate you on the stand you took with the mob
which was about to erupt into a riot. You are to be commended
for advising the neo nle of Atlanta who was running the city.
According to the news re norts it would annear that Stokely
Carmichael incited certain groups to violent action. It
would apn ear that in this case that charges of violating
his oath when he acquired U. S. Citizenship would be enough
totake his citizenshi p from him and denort him. We have enou gh
undesireable so called Americans without imoorting more to
join their ranks .
Let me agaim congratulate you for your courageous stand.
~v; .'. . ,I
/ 7 -;,

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