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Cl#ude Wiha


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September 8, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall ;
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

You have had considerable national publicity -this
weeke. As you know this Chicago Metropolitan
District has been having similar difficultiese

I know Mayor Sabonjian of Waukegan, Illinois,

and have had him as a guest speaker at my High
Twelve Club here in Oak Park. Oak Park is a mni-
cipality that adjoins Chicago on the west.

Here in Oak Park I om the perennial program direc-
to for the High Twelve Club, a service club for the
members of the Masonic order.

Locally we have a membership of 183 business and
professional men, and executives. ‘the club meets
each Friday noon for a luncheon and a program at
the Oak Park Arms Hotel.

Probably your travels occasionally bring you to

this area. If and.when they do, you have my standing
invitation to come out to Oak Park and speak to the
High Twelvieans. Col. Allen P. Julian, director of
the Atlanta Historical Society, was here in Juneée

The hotel is a half hour west of the Loop. A bus
shuttles between the hotel and the airports, and
the Loop. We furnish our guests a room at the

Come and break bread with us and autograph our famed
guest book, and tell us about the negro situation in.

Sincerely yours,

Claude Towne
Ps Se= In Mississippi I am a Colonel by the grace of
Governor Ross Barnett.


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