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May 26, 1969

Mr. Ervin Stevens

Chairman, Citizens Central Advisory Council
Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.

799 Parsons Street, S. W.

Dear Mr. Stevens:

May I acknowledge receipt of your letter regarding
the composition of the Atlanta Housing Authority.

The recent Legislature passed a bill increasing the

size of the Housing Authority. Had this bill not been
vetoed, it would have made it possible to add two
additional members to the board, and I would have been
glad to consider the appointment of one or more tenants.

Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed the bill, which
prevents my taking this action.

Mr. Sterne, who is now serving as chairman of the
authority, and who has rendered valuable service, would
be re-appointed to this position in June, should he consider
accepting the responsibility again.

If I may be of further assistance, please let me know.


Ivan Allen, Ir.


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