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We do not consider it necessary or desirable for the County
to set up an Authority for low-cost housing , as the Atlanta Housing
Authority already has the right to acquire land, build and operate
low-cost housing within an a r ea extending 10 miles beyond the City
limits o f Atlanta .
Low-cost _ ho u sing should be buil t n ear public transportation,
publ ic ly -supp orted h ospitals a nd he a l t h f a cilities, and where ,
water, sewers and polic e pro te cti o n are a vai lable .
The Commissioners deplore th e May o r ' s la c k of k nowl e d g e of
the Cou nty 's mas s i ve programs to a i d the unfortunate.
42% of
Fu l to n Co unty ' s i ncome i s spent o n County-w ide we lfare, h eal t h ,
h o spi t al i zat ion , j u veniles, e t c.; altho ugh 8 6 % of those who ben e f i t
from this are residen t s of the City .
is from property tax.
82 % of the Cou nty's i ncome
We have no o ther sourc e o f a ny c o nseq ue n ce.
Fo r th e Mayor to say that we do not recogni ze our respon sibi l i t y is simp ly a misstatement of the facts.
(For the sake of clar ity on t his impor t ant issue
we respec t f ul ly requ es t o ur ·entire statement be
Walter M. Mitchell, Chairman
'Jas. H. Aldredg, Vice-cnairman
Charlie Brown

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