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We do not consider it necessary or desirable for the County
to set Gp an Authority for low-cost housing, as the Atlanta Housing
Authority already has the right to acquire land, build and operate
low-cost housing within an area extending 10 miles peyond the City
limits of Atlanta.

Low-cost housing should be built near public transportation,
publicly-supported hospitals and health facilities, and where,
water, sewers and police protection are available.

The Commissioners deplore the Mayor's lack of knowledge of
the County's massive programs to aid the unfortunate. 42% of
Fulton County's income is spent on County-wide welfare, health,
hospitalization, juveniles, etc.; although 86% of those who benefit
from this are residents of the City. 82% of the County's income
is from property tax. We have no other source of any consequence.

For the Mayor to say that we do not recognize our responsi-

bility is simply a misstatement of the facts.

(For the sake of clarity on this important issue
we respectfully request our entire statement be

Walter M. Mitchell, Chairman

‘Jas. H. Aldredge, Vice-chairman

Charlie Brown

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