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816 Sheldon Road
Charleston, South Carolina
September 15, 1966

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr, Mayor:

Undoubtedly you have received many letters and other communications
pro and con with regard to your handling of the recent so called "civil ©
rights" situation in your good City.

I am not one of the types that immediately fire letters to newspapers
and public officials on every controversial matter. It may be that I as well
as others should do more of it. I do feel compelled to write, commending
and congratulating you on your handling of the problem as I have seen it
expressed in the newspapers and on television.

It is very heartening to know that there are still some elected officials
who have a sense of responsibility and obligation to protect the rights and
privileges of their constituents as a whole, rather than to pressure groups,
purely with the thought in mind of perpetuating a regime.

It is quite a paradox for us to be sending our young men to Viet Nam
and other foreign countries to guard against insurrection and invasion of
the rights of people while permitting it to go along virtually unchecked in
this country of ours,

May the Supreme Architect of the Universe continue to provide you

with the wisdom and fortitude to discharge your responsibilities in the
best interest of all people.

Very truly yours,

C. W. Mathewes, Jr.

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