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2014 West View Street
Los Angeles, Calif. 90016

9/ 14/ 66

Honorable Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Gae

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Please except this letter of thanks and congratulation to you
for the wonderful way you have handle the problems you have had
to face and are facing there in Atlanta, before and during all
the unnecessary violence.

I would like to say, I am a Negro, who had a father and mother
that taught us honesty, decency, dignity, intelligence, respect
for the other fellow. Respect for law and order. Know the law and
stay within it. Always try and do to the other fellow as you would
have him do to you. One of my father's favorite sayings was, the
worst. man in the world to do business with, is an (educated fool),
because hei'thinks he knows everything, but little or nothing.

With all the Civil Right leaders we have in America today, we are
bound to have some fools mixed up with the better ones.I stand with
Dr. Martin luther King, because I believe as he does. Violence is
definitely not the way.

I honestly wish we had more Mayors, Senators, and Congressmans with
the same kind of fortitude that you have. If we did, this would be
a better America for all of us to live in. A man can be as honest
as the days are long and still not have the guts to stand up for
what he knows is right. He is afraid he will loose a vote.

You testified for the 1964 Civil Rights Act because within you,
you Imew this was the right thing to do, regardless to what might
happen to your political future. When any man stand for what is
right and good, he will surely win soon or later, because this is
what God stand for, and he has never lost a battle yet.

Mayor Allen, please keep up the good works you have started, and

you won't only help to make Atlanta a better place for all of it
enn See you will help make America a better place for all
o live.

My prayers and best wishes will always—be with y«
and keep you. ; ( ae
Respectfully yours, usdh a ef

7M y God bless

Ln ee
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