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September 12, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen:

This is a short note of reassurance that I, as a citizen of this great
land, am behind you 100%, I appreciate, deeply, your action in dealing
with Stokely Carmichael and his ilk. When I read about your handling

of this situation, I am warmed to know that there are men with enough
courage in this land to stand up for what is right. You are right and
the Carmichaels should be bound and jailed. Whatever laws are necessary
should be used against them and in the coming election, there is no doubt
in my mind that not only will we replace Johnson supporters locally but
in 1968, Johnson will be replaced by popular vote. The "whities" of this
great land have taken all they are going to take. And still pay $$$$$
for it. The communists, the freeloaders and the liberals are elements
that destroy not build America. They are in the twilight of their years.
I intend to work day and night to see to it that they are withdrawn from
the front pages and that my tax dollars are used for building up my

country and not further contributing to anarchy and marches for freedome

Thank you again for giving us hopee Governor Wallace is siving us hope.
Senator Dirksen is giving us hopee Mayor Daley is giving us hope. Thank
you all and please continue in the cause of juaties and freedom as we
know ite


“nna. RQ matin Artech

Mrs, R. Martin Helick
7521 Rosemary Road
Pittsburgh, Penna, 15221

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