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September 15, 1966

The Honorable Ivan Allen
Mayor of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

Congratulations on your handling of the recent riots
in Atlanta. As a former Atlantan living in Boston, I am able
to make comparisons between the two cities.

However wrong Stokely Carmichael may be when making
inflammatory statements, his remarks can carry weight only
when people are motivated to listen--and poverty, unemployment,
and police brutality are strong motivators. I believe that
these conditions exist in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Los
Angeles. Atlanta is far out in front because of the biracial
dialogue that has developed, but even this was not developed
overnight, and I can recall when Martin Luther King's view-
point was considered "radical" by Atlanta's ruling bodies.

Please continue the good work you are doing, but please
remember that although Stokeley : Carmichael's views have been
distorted, perhaps by his own milieu, the seeds of truth
created them and the resulting riots.

Sincerely yours,

es bx Lote
Truitt (Miss)

1680 Commonwealth Avenue #3
Brighton, Massachusetts 02135

Oe Ne ag

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