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San Francisco, California,

September 7, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.,
City Hall,
Atlanta, Georgia.

Mayor Allen:

You have been playing
'footsies" with the Negroes possibly in an
effort to gain nationwide acclaim as their
champion in one of the South's largest cities.
In fact, it appears that you were on the verge
of becoming a renegade to the white race.

It is quite evident that you
have little or no knowledge of the Negroes! basic
character which has traits reaching back to the
jungle tribal code. They are prepared, at a
moment's whim, to butcher every white man, woman,
and child.

You made of yourself a most
ridiculous figure running about in the crowd
shouting for the darkies to "go home" while a
pack of them were following on your heels ad-
vising them to stay put and shout "police bru-

It is too bad that the Negroes,
after toppling you off the top of the car, didn't
initiate you into some of the tribal rites their
ancestors inflict upon helpless captives.

I think that a good many of the white people to
whom you have rendered so many disservices would
heartily approve of you being a sacrificial
victim of your beloved blacks. Perhaps you
should surrender yourself to "Black Power" and
let them make of you a martyr. Think of the
massive publicity you would receive -—-- your name
would go down in history!

Mack H. Jones NOT very truly yours,
520 Jones Street

San Francisco ey By
California 94102 - Bake

3 -
Mack H. di :

—_ a

Mack H. Jones
520 Jones Street
San Francisco
California 94102



Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.,
City Hall,



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