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824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone 523-6074

duly 1, 1969

Mr. Elvin Mitchell

Arkellson, Ince

279, Chaucer Drive S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30311

Dear Mr. Mitchell:

Mr. Sterne has requested that I reply to your letter of June 25, 1969,
concerning Parcel 19 in the West End Urban Redevelopment Area.

We realize that your organization put considerable time and effort in

your proposal and that the proposal was highly commdable. It was
particularly wnfortumate, therefore, that it was necessary to reject all

ae Gale 0S Sere Se De Sens Nees Pee Tian
became apparent that a complete restudy of the area bounded by =
hate, tae Meecennent, mek Toadies Pecaes shoeld be be made. Since the
development of this area will last for a long time and have —i
ttl seal ce ggage may, Bale ess yes anit ted oat Snnieancn
alternatives be considered. The discussions concerning the present plan
sell uabiinh dda a Gaeta mae

A study of this area is now in progress, and when it is completed we will

=_— to discuss the situation furtherwith representatives of isuaidaeny

We appreciate and wilerstand your interest, and hope that this matter-will
be resolved in a way which will be clearly reasonable and to the long-range
interest of the West End neighborhood.

Cet AV. Lora

Lester H. Persells
IAPs Executive Sivevher
ec: able Ivan Allen, Jr. Mayor
Mr. He. Baxter, Reg. ieee DAUD

ia CO P Y

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