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anes were re-

Cong stormed

) of Vietnamese

| about 325 miles
f Saigon Wednes-
and were thrown
/ losing 30 men, a
> military spokes-
He added that

casualties were

mp is near Mo Duce
¢ Ngai province in
er central lowlands.
ong guerrillas, de-
vernment efforts to
em from the Saigon
iged separate attacks
Jay night on two of
ith Vietnamese mili-
its rimming the capi-
S. armed helicopters
beat off the raiders.

:d platoon struck at 9

éainst a militia outpost
miles northeast of Sai-
ess than an hour later,
armen lobbed about 15
at a Vietnamese ma-
post three miles west of
i. There was no word on
1alties in either case.

lert Atlanta Police Nip

2 Possible New Riot in Bud Ne

Atlanta’ s I

flay or Raps Agit

- n
Nes yatvallon lays blame to SNCC—{AP) ~

Bolts NY. Democrats

and without talking it over
with Sen. Robert F. Kennedy,

“T'm an independent Demo-
crat in this fight,” he said.

Roosevelt's decision could
cut seriously into the vote for
the Democratic candidate,
City Council President Frank
D. O'Connor, and boost Gov.
Nelson A. Rockefeller's
chances for re-election.

However, some support
normally going to Rockefeller
may go to Conservative Party
candidate Paul L, Adams, 51,
academie dean of Roberts

Wesleyan College near Rech-.

ester. Adams was nominated
by the Conservatives in Sara-
toga Springs yesterday.

The Republicans will re-
nominate Rockefelier in Roch-
ester today.

Answering criticism that
their nomination of Roosevelt
will assure the reelection of
Rockefeller, the Liberat
Party last night revealed re-
sults of a statewide poll
which it said showed that
O'Connor would beat Rocke-
feller by 600,000 votes, even
with Roosevelt running.

The son of the late Presi-
dent said two weeks ago that

the Democratic nomination
was boss-controlled and that
O’Connor had been promised
if a year ago.

. Roosevelt's choice by the
Liberal Party’s policy com-
mittee—it must be ratified
by a nomination today—
marks the first time in its 22-
year history that the party
has not endorsed the ecandi-
date of the Democratic
Party for governor.

The liberals usually draw
from 250,000 to 350,000 votes
on their line. This can be a
determining factor in a close

ATLANTA (PD — Reports
another mob was forming sent
a police emergency squad
rushing into Atlanta’s riot-
torn Negro district yesterday.
Officers broke up a group of
about 100 persons and ar-
rested 10 who refused to dis-

Some of the Negroes had
“black power” emblems
pasted on their shirts, pro-
claiming: “We're the great-


The 10 persons taken into
custody were loaded into two
police wagons for the ia ‘to
jail. Unlike Tuesday, when
Negroes tried to overturn the
police vans, there was no at-
tempt to interfere with the

After the brief flurry of ex-
citement, the riot squad —
armed with shotguns, tear gas
and submachine guns—with-
drew to the edge of the Negro
area, known as the Summer-
hill section, but remained on

Mustering point for the
city’s forces was the parking
jot of the new Atlanta base-
ball stadium, where the city
set up a refreshment stand
for officers, many of whom
have had very little sleep
since the frioting erupted

Hundreds of Negroes were
out on their front porches. in

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Today Ont
South Coast

Manatee Commission chair-
man says new budget is ex-

pected to be completed today.
Page 1-B.

State Road Department says
traffic light not needed at U.S,
301-Tallevast Road intersee-
tion, Page 1-B,

Sarasota cily and county of-
ficials reach tentative accord
on proposed $3.1 million beach
bond issue. Page 1-B.

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